Sunday, July 25, 2010

LIC wage revision headed towards finality, proposal considered satisfactory by union.

The Secretariat of AIIEA met in the afternoon of July 19th to make a detailed study of the proposals made by LIC. Even while the Secretariat was in session congratulatory messages started pouring in from across the country.  These messages clearly indicated the happiness and satisfaction of the employees over the achievement secured by the AIIEA.  The Secretariat after a detailed analysis came to an unanimous conclusion that the offers are satisfactory.  These offers have been secured by the relentless efforts of the organization.  The AIIEA succeeded in uniting all the unions in struggle which was responsible to bring about this massive achievement.  The Secretariat identified certain areas where improvements need to be demanded.
The Secretariat noted that AIIEA could overcome the conditionalities like mobility, withdrawal of ½ day CL, withdrawal of ACL, and withdrawal of compassionate appointments. Secretariat at the same time felt that the LIC should not venture into creating minor irritants through withdrawal of existing benefits even if they are minor in nature. The Secretariat was of the firm opinion that the PLLI scheme offered would create problems and unhappiness.  While the PLLI to those in the Central Office would depend upon the average of all India performance, for the Zonal Offices it would be on the basis of the average performance of the Zones. For those working in Divisional Offices and Branches the PLLI would depend upon the performance of the divisions on certain parameters. The Secretariat felt that the branches which are the main production centers would miss out  the PLLI in the event the Division as a whole failing to meet the said parameters.  The Secretariat therefore, decided to demand PLLI based on the all India performance of the Corporation.
It was also decided to firmly oppose the introduction of the New Pension Scheme for the employees who join the Corporation on or after 1.4.2010.
Negotiating Team meets the Officials:
The full Negotiating Committee of the AIIEA (comprising of the Secretariat members from life sector) met the Executive Director (Personnel) and other officials in the evening of 20th July 2010.  The Negotiating Committee appreciated the role of the officials in taking up with the government our demand for a wage revision reflecting the growth of the institution and aspirations of the employees.  The following improvements were demanded by the AIIEA:
  1. Improvements in the pay scales of Sweepers and Peons
  2. One more stagnation increment and the duration to be reduced to two years for the HGA cadre.
  3. Improvement in the allowances for passing the Technical examinations and inclusion of MCA and Company Secretary Courses in this category
  4. Minimum HRA to be specified
  5. Washing Allowance to be enhanced
  6. Cashier’s allowance should rank for fixation on promotion
  7. Improvement in Hill Allowance and inclusion of remaining parts of Himachal Pradesh
  8. HRA at 10% to be made applicable to all the cities with a population of 45 lakhs and above and inclusion of Ajmer and Meerut into CCA centres; improvement in Paradip Port allowance and project allowance for Durgapur.
  9. Stagnation stage to be allowed for fixation on promotion
Apart from the above the AIIEA delegation demanded improvement in LTC scheme and encashment.  The AIIEA also demanded introduction of certain amenities like reimbursement of petrol expenses and coupons. Responding to these demands the Executive Director (Personnel) said that it might be difficult to consider further improvements in view of certain constraints.  However she added that they would seriously take the views of the AIIEA and make improvements wherever it is possible.  The ED (P) also informed that the demand of AIIEA for improvements in LTC and its encashment and introduction of certain amenities would be seriously considered by LIC.
The delegation firmly informed that AIIEA would not accept the introduction of the New Pension Scheme.  On the other hand AIIEA demanded more improvements in the existing pension scheme and another option for employees to join the existing pension scheme.  The AIIEA also made it clear that it wants a PLLI scheme where every employee should be rewarded for the progress of the Corporation.
AIIEA delegation meets the Chairman and Managing Director:
Com. Amanulla Khan, Com. K. Venu Gopal and Com. V. Ramesh met the Chairman and Shri AK Dasgupta, Managing Director today and impressed upon them the need for accommodating the genuine demands for improvements placed by AIIEA.
Comrades, the present wage proposals are a great progress achieved by the AIIEA.  The AIIEA had promised the employees that it would make all efforts to secure a good wage revision and the AIIEA was confident of delivering on this promise.  It must be understood that this progress did not come easily.  It came through sustained efforts and organisational actions.  The progress achieved should be consolidated.  The AIIEA will make efforts to ensure that the wage revision reaches its finality soon and the employees taste the fruits of the struggle.  We congratulate all LIC employees for the unity displayed and the faith reposed in the struggles of the AIIEA which has enabled them to make unprecedented progress in wage revision.
Source : AIIEA


jayanti said...

Lic staff are very happy with the pay revision and very thankful to their wise union leaders AIIEA zindabad,

chandan said...

Dear Balan Sir,

Are you reading jayanti's comment here on LIC wage hike?


Runtrailblog said...

What Jayanti told is 100% true, because my wife is working in LIC,9 year junior to me in service.If Govt is approving that pay revision, my wife will get an arrears of Rs.1,06,000/- more than what I got.And the total salary difference will be reduced to around 1500 from 8000, when compared it with my present salary.

chandrasekhar said...

unbYtDear Sir,

Hearty congratulations for a healthier pay package being obtained with effect from 01/08/07.Please also try to get emhanced gratuity wef 01/08/07 being the date of revised emoluments.

GeeVee Rajahmundry said...

The Wholesome, Handsome and Outstanding Wage Deal is a AIIEA's Diamond Jubilee Year Gift for their Members.
Victory Over Victory !
AIIEA's History !!

Anonymous said...

Here are a few regarding the what to have a look at.

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