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Haryana govt notifies revised pay scales of Haryana College, University teachers

Haryana Finance Department has issued notification for the revision of structure of pay for the employees in the category of teachers and equivalent cadres in university and colleges in Haryana. The notification has been issued on August 20, 2009.

According to the notification, the arrears of pay would be paid in two installments. The first installment would be restricted to 40 per cent of the total entitled arrears of the employees becoming due within the period from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008 and would be paid in cash. The entitled amount of the said first installment would be worked out separately after fixing the pay in the revised structure and drawing and disbursing the same in terms of the revised structure anytime after September 1, 2009. Orders for the mode of payment of the balance of the entitled arrears of the employee as second installment would be issued separately.

In case of promotion from one post to another in the revised pay structure the fixation would be done as one increment equal to three per cent of the pay in the pay band and the existing grade pay would be computed and rounded off to the next multiple of 10. This would be added to the existing pay in the pay band. The grade pay corresponding to the promotion post would thereafter be granted in addition to this pay in the pay band. In cases where promotion involves change in the pay in the pay band after adding the increment is less than the minimum of the higher pay band to which promotion is taking place, pay in the pay band will be stepped to such minimum.

The revised structure of pay for these employees is as such:-

Sr. No. Name of Post / Cadre Existing Scale (in Rs.) Modification
designation Revised ACP Pay structure
Pay Band (in Rs.) Pay Band Code Grand Pay (in Rs.)
1. Lecturers 8000 – 13500 (Entry Level Scale) No Change 15600-39100
(Entry Level Scale) PB – 3 6000
2. Lecturers (Sr. Scale) 10000 – 15200 No Change 15600-39100 PB – 3 7000
3. Lecturers (Selection Grade) 12000 – 18300 No Change 15600-39100 PB – 3 8000
4. Reader 12000 - 18300 No Change 15600-39100 PB – 3 8000
5. College Principle 16400 – 22400 No Change 37400 – 67000 PB – 4 10000
6. Professor 16400 – 22400 No Change 37400 - 67000 PB – 4 10000
Administrative Faculty
7. Asstt. Registrar / Asstt. Controller of Examination 8000 –
13500 No Change 15600 – 39100 PB – 3 5400
8. Dy. Registrar / Dy. Finance Officer / Dy. Controller of
Examination 12000 – 18300 No Change 15600 – 39100 PB – 3 8000
9. Registrar 16400 – 22400 No Change 37400 – 67000 PB – 4 10000
Library Faculty
10. Asstt. Librarian / College Librarian 8000 – 13500 No Change 15600
- 39100 PB – 3 6000
11. Asstt. Librarian (Sr. Scale) / College Librarian (Sr.
Scale) 10000 – 15200 No Change 15600 – 39100 PB – 3 7000
12. Dy. Librarian / Asstt. Librarian (Selection Grade) / College
Librarian (Selection Grade) 12000 – 18300 No Change 15600 – 39100 PB
-3 8000
13. Librarian (University) 16400 – 22400 No Change 37400 – 67000 PB – 4 10000
Physical Education Faculty
14. Asstt. Director of Physical Education / College Director of
Physical Education 8000- 13500 No Change 15600 – 39100 PB – 3 6000
15. Asstt. Director of Physical Education (Sr. Scale) / College
Director of Physical Education (Sr. Scale) 10000 – 15200 No
Change 15600 – 39100 PB – 3 7000
16. Dy. Director of Physical Education / Asstt. Director of Physical
Education (Selection Grade) / College Director of Physical Education
(Selection Grade) 12000 – 18300 No Change 15600 – 39100 PB – 3 8000
17. Director of Physical Education (Univeristy) 16400 – 22400 No
Change 37400 – 67000 PB – 4 10000
Apex Faculty
18. Pro-Vice Chancellor 18400 – 22400 No Change 37400 – 67000 PB – 4 12000
19. Vice Chancellor 25000 (Fixed) No Change 75000 (Fixed)

Section II
(See Rules 8)

Entry pay in the revised pay structure for direct recruits appointed
on or after 1.1.2006 for employees belonging to the category of
teachers and equivalent cadres in Universities and Colleges.

Grade Pay
PB – 3 (Rs. 15600 - 39100)

Grade Pay Pay in the Pay Band Total
6000 15600 21600
8000 15600 23600

Grade Pay
PB – 4(Rs. 37400 - 67000)

Grade Pay Pay in the Pay Band Total
10000 37400 47400

Source : Punjab Newsline.


manju said...
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jagdish mitter gandhiarevosowbo said...

Is Haryana Government ignorant regarding the way the Band 4 has been accepted by the HRD and UGC for Readers and lecturers (selection grade)?
The Bureaucracy in Haryana government must realize that they will not be able to undo what UGC and HRD has done by doing justice by giving teahers heir due and legitimate right.
If handful of bureaucrates are to have its way then what is the fun of having U.G.C.and H.R.D and 80%grant for the states to implement the grades the grades?
Jagdish Mitter Gandhi

manju said...

HARYANA CM Ist announceded to award the grades PURELY ON UGC PATTERN and THEN DENIED.
Is this the CREDIBILITY of a CM in TODAY,s time?
The GRADES have been awarded by HIS OWN PARTY GOVT AT CENTRE before election to gather votes.

Manoj said...

Is the CM Hooda is tatally blind about the Pay Scales of UGC. Does he not know the Parlimentary proceedings where HRD Minister has annouced that we have tried to re-establish the glory of college and university taechers by changing the nominiclature of the post to Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. Where is the Academic Allowance, Travelling allowances and Children allowance. Whether the state is for the IAS and Politicians? Shame on Mr. Hooda and his commanders

Manoj kumar Bhambu

Bharat Bhushan said...

Strange are the ways of politicians&bureaucrats.They set up commissions and when after years of deliberations they oneway or the other try to save themselves from the resulting financial burden.In Haryana Chief minister claims to be highly loyal to congress and Soniaji.When it comes to follow the recommendations pf the same authorities they even defy and create unrest for their govt and people in general.How has the Haryana govt dared to defy central recommendations.When the same govt can distribute plots of crores to MLAs in Panchkula and Gurgaon who says the govt does not have the resources?Courtsey demands that the govt accepts ugc scales in toto.Otherwise the govt should stop claiming No 1 Haryana or with highest per capita income among all states,especially when many less or even poor states have already implemented the ugc scalesincluding pay band 4 to selection grade lecturers.When it comes to qualifications you want best acdemic record,Phd,or ugc test but when it comes to salary you ask from bureaucrats who are in general much less qualified and never tolerate somebody else should get more than or even equal to them.CM is requested to implement ugc grades as has been allowed by his own party govt at the centre

bhalla said...


Press Release

Punjab Commerce and Management Association has appealed to the government of Punjab to make full notification of pay scales as recommended by Ministry of human resources development government of India and rejected the theory of partial notification of grade conversion tables. In an executive meeting held in Ludhiana PCMA strongly feel that in the partial notification anomalies will remain and it will not serve the purpose. The President Emeritus of the Punjab Commerce and Management Association, Dr. Prem Kumar said that acceptance of MHRD Notification on Pay scales by the state government will improve the standards of the Higher Education in the state. He said that teaching is a noble profession and teachers perform a major part in the building a society. He said that bureaucracy in Punjab should understand the status of college and university teachers and should not put any hurdles in the implementation of the MHRD pay scales in the state in total. He said any dilution in the pay scales or making partial notification will not serve any purpose. It will create worries and tensions in the minds of the teachers. He said that National builders (Teachers) should be allowed to perform their duties free from worries about careers. Prof. Ashwani Bhalla Executive Vice President of the Association said that teachers welcome the academic standards introduced by the University Grants Commission and Ministry of Human resources development which if implemented in totality will definitely bring quality in teaching work and improve the functioning of the colleges and universities. The Association members also appeal to the University Grants commission to release the UGC regulations for career advancement of college and university teachers at the earliest so that new academic environment in the universities and colleges may be created. Prof. Bhalla said that UGC has not given any thing extra to the teachers; it is with in the parameters of the state pay commission. If the PCS officers who are lesser in qualification than the College and University teachers can be given Pay band-4 (scale of 37400-67000) then what is the hitch to give this to the college and university teachers. PCMA also criticized the Haryana government which has diluted the MHRD notification. He said that Punjab Commerce and Management Association fully support the agitation of the Haryana federation of College and University teachers Association (HFUCTO) and PFUCTO. PCMA members also reflect their worries about the number of court cases pending against the government of Punjab filed by the college and university teachers which has demanded their rights as given to them by the previous recommendations of the University Grants Commission.

Prof. Ashwani Bhalla
Executive Vice President
Punjab Commerce and Management Association

harish thakur said...

This is but distressing that despite the fact that HRD has awarded pay band IV for the readers grade category Haryana goes for one band down. Just bureaucratic dictats only. Dont politicians have their own mind to think anddecide... i pity on them...\
Harish Thakur

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