Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Banking services likely to be affected for 5 days for strike and holidays

The Union of bank officers have made a call to go on strike on December 21 and this is against IBAs attempt at leaving officers in Scale IV and higher out of the bipartite wage settlement exercise. Also, there is another strike call by the bank force all across India on December 26. And so if you are planning any of the bank related work better get it done before 21.
This is because banks owing to strikes if they happen by any chance will remain closed for 5 days beginning December 21 (Friday, December 22 (being 4th Saturday), December 23 (Sunday), December 25 (Christmas) and December 26 again the All India bank strike, barring December 24 (Monday).So, the offline banking services will be severely hit all across the country. The bank official’s union which made a call strike for December 21 demands salary revision in accordance with the charter of demands, full mandate for officers up to Scale VII, scrapping of NPS, halting the sale of third-party products as well as 5 days banking service.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Simplification of referral system under CGHS

Dept. of Health and family Welfare revisited the existing procedure of referral system under CGHS and revised guideline for the same.
Salient features are :-
Referral from CGHS for consultation in private empannelled hospital shall be valid for 30 days.
Referral shall be valid for consultation upto 3 times within the same hospital within 90 days.
Advice for listed investigations to be valid for 30 days.
Click here for details

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Central Govt. announced NPS bonanza for it's employees

The Union Cabinet in its Meeting on 6th December, 2018 has approved the following proposal for streamlining the National Pension System (NPS).

·         Enhancement of the mandatory contribution by the Central Government for its employees covered under NPS Tier-I from the existing 10% to 14%.
·         Providing freedom of choice for selection of Pension Funds and pattern of investment to central government employees.
·         Payment of compensation for non-deposit or delayed deposit of NPS contributions during 2004-2012.
·         Tax exemption limit for lump sum withdrawal on exit has been enhanced to 60%. With this, the entire withdrawal will now be exempt from income tax. (At present, 40% of the total accumulated corpus utilized for purchase of annuity is already tax exempted. Out of 60% of the accumulated corpus withdrawn by the NPS subscriber at the time of retirement, 40% is tax exempt and balance 20% is taxable.)

Friday, December 7, 2018

Big win for NPS beneficiaries : Bonanza decided

A big bonanza for NPS subscribers ! In yesterday's cabinet meeting, Govt. decided to hike the benefit in NPS for Central Govt. employees though it is not officially announced as model code of conduct for the assembly election is currently in force.
As per the sources, Govt. enhanced employers' contribution by a hopping 4% while the employees' contribution to be remained at existing 10% of basic pay and D.A. Presently the employee and employer contribute 10% each for building a pension wealth which takes care of the lumpsum payment and pension provided by the anuuity service provider.
As per the Cabinet decision, if the employee decides not to commute any portion of the accumulated fund in NPS at the time of retirement and transfers 100 per cent to annuity scheme, then his pension would be more than 50 per cent of his last drawn pay, sources said.
While the government is yet to decide on the date of notification of the new scheme, sources said such changes usually come into effect from the beginning of a financing year, meaning April 1, 2019.
This formula for changes in the NPS was worked out by the Finance Ministry based on the recommendation of a government-appointed committee.
(With inputs from PTI News)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Govt. to discuss restoration of old pension scheme : Cabinet Secretary assures

Update : Bonanza Decided (Click for details)

There is good news for central and state government employees as well as pensioners as the Cabinet secretary PK Sinha has given an assurance over a key demand of the staffers for which they had been agitating for long. 

Employees have been agitating for long about restoration of old pension and scrap the new pension scheme for central and state Govt. employees throughout the country. In a recent development, Delhi Assembly passed a resolution to scrap the new pension scheme for it's employees and sent the resolution for centre's nod. Govt. of Andhra Pradesh constituted a high power committee to look into the aspects of restoration of old pension for it's staff. West Bengal is yet to join the new pension scheme. While the general election knocking at the door, political parties can not ignore the demand of restoration of old pension scheme and the unions are trying to capitalize the situation for the favour of the employees.
A massive protest was organized on Monday in Delhi by the joint platform of state and central workers under the banner of Public Service Association of India. Following the protest, Cabinet secretary called these employees for a late night discussion. The latest update suggests that the outcome of the discussion has largely been positive. 
The assurance that has been given to central government employees is that the matter of providing all the benefits of the old pension scheme, which was discontinued previously, to employees will be taken up in the next Cabinet meeting!
This is a massive development and indicates that the Centre is willing to at least think about going back on the new pension scheme, which is being opposed by staffers.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) — October, 2018

The All-India CPI-IW for October, 2018 increased by 1 point and pegged at 302 (three hundred and two). 

Bank Bipartite : Unions reject IBA's offer of 8% hike on 30th Nov meeting

Bank unions, on Friday, rejected the Indian Banks’ Association’s improved offer of an 8 per cent hike in wages against 6 per cent earlier under the industry-wide 11th bipartite wage negotiations.
Source : The Hindu Business Line
Nine unions, under the banner of the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), also told the association’s wage negotiation committee that the proposal to introduce variable pay, which will be linked to return on assets and operating profit, as part of the overall 8 per cent wage hike, is not acceptable.
S Nagarajan, General Secretary, All India Bank Officers’ Association, said: “The 8 per cent offer should be improved upon further. We are not agreeable to variable pay.”

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Delhi to scrap NPS, reintroduce old pension

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced Monday that the old pension scheme will be restored by his government and he will write to his counterparts in other states to follow the suit. He said a resolution to restore the old pension scheme in the city will be passed in a special session of the Legislative Assembly.
"It will then be sent to the Centre for approval. I will fight with the Centre to get it implemented," Kejriwal said while addressing a rally organised by the All Teachers, Employees Welfare Association (ATEWA) at Ramlila Ground here. He said that he will also speak to his counterparts in West Bengal, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka for implementation of the scheme.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Next Bank Bipartite meeting on 30th November 2018

Indian Bank Association (IBA) has called next meeting on 30th November 2018 for discussions on wage negotiation.
The wage revision by way of 11th bipartite settlement is due from 1st November 2017. Round of meetings of taken place between IBA and UFBU but nothing concrete have emerged.
In a letter written to United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), IBA informed that it has been decided to hold next meeting of Negotiation Committee of IBA with the representatives of Constinuent Workmen Unions/ Officers’ Associations on Friday, 30th November 2018 at 10.30 am in IBA Office, Mumbai.
Representatives of 9 Employee Unions/Associations to be part of the meeting including AIBEA, AIBOC,  NCBE, BEFI & NOBO.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Bank Bipartite : UFBU asks IBA to fix next round of meeting

United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) has requested the Indian Bankers' Association (IBA) for scheduling another meeting for early resolution of 11th Bipartite Wage Revision.  The wage revision for bank employees under 11th Bipartite is pending since 01st Nov 2017.

Last meeting was held in this regard on dated 12th October 2018 between UFBU and IBA.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Click here for IBA D.A. Circular
On release of All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers (AICPIN(IW) Base Year 2001=100 for the month of September 2018, today, by Labour Bureau,Ministry of Labour and Employment,Govt of India, remain unchanged at 301 points  since last July’18.
            The confirmed average index for the quarter ended Sept’18,would be as follows:                      
                      2001=100                             1960=100

July,18            301                                     6870.60
Aug’18           301                                      6870.60
Sept’18           301                                      6870.60

             As such confirmed average index numbers  comes to 6870 and Dearness Allowance payable to Bank Staff for next  quarter- ie. Nov,Dec’18 and Jan’19 will have 66 slabs increase at the rate of 60.70%.(from existing 54.10%)

Average Index                            6870
Less merged Index xth BPS      4440
Slabs                                            607
Increase 607-541 (previous)         66 Slabs.

Provided by MOHAN.P
(Please note that same has been predicted in the post last month )

Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) - September, 2018

The All-India CPI-IW for September, 2018 remained stationary at 301 (three hundred and one). On 1-month percentage change, it remained static between August, 2018 and September,20l8 and it was also static between the corresponding months of previous year.

Bengal employees disappointed : Pay Commission tenure extended

The Mamata Banerjee government on Wednesday extended the tenure of the state’s Sixth Pay Commission by another six months, to the consternation of nearly 8 lakh employees many of whom had been hoping for a salary revision from January 2019.

The Sixth Pay Commission, set up on November 27, 2015, to recommend a revised salary scale, was to expire on November 26 this year. Since its formation, the commission’s tenure has been extended four times — by six months on completion of the first term, then by one year each on two occasions and now by another six months.
Click here for the Govt. resolution
“Extending the tenure of the pay commission by six months means state government employees will not get the benefits of a new salary structure in 2019. There had been hope that the government might do something for the employees, who are not getting dearness allowance on a par with their central counterparts,” a Nabanna official said.
Sources in the finance department said that although the chief minister was eager to offer some benefits to the employees ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the condition of the state’s coffers did not allow her to pay anything over and above an 18 per cent dearness allowance hike from January 1 next year.
“This increase will take the DA component to 125 per cent of the basic pay. As this would require an additional Rs 5,400 crore annually, the state government is not in a position to offer anything more at this moment,” a finance department official said.
According to the sources in the finance department, implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission in Bengal in line with the Centre’s Seventh Pay Commission, which came into force in January 2016, would result in an additional outgo of around Rs 22,000 crore.
“The state is not in a situation to shoulder the burden. So, the tenure of the pay commission had to be extended,” another official said.
Employees’ unions said the decision was an “injustice” to Bengal government staff as the majority of the states have already implemented revised salary structures after the Centre effected the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations last year.
“This is injustice. We will continue to get lesser salary than our counterparts in other states. First, the government was refusing to clear DA dues, now we are being deprived of a new pay structure,” said an employee of the land and land reforms department. 
(With inputs from The Telegraph)

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bihar increases D.A. by 2 percent

There is good news for Bihar government employees, pensioners and family pensioners, as the state Cabinet on Tuesday increased the dearness allowance(DA) by two percent. DA would be given to the employees with effect from July 1 this year. Bihar cabinet secretariat department Principal Secretary Sanjay Kumar said these employees will now get DA of 9 per cent in place of the existing 7 percent. 

Government employees, pensioners and family pensioners who are getting revised pay scales would be eligible for this hike, Kumar said. The government will have to bear an additional burden of Rs 419 crore annually for this hike. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Summary of Bank Bipartite meeting on 12th October 2018

No such breakthrough as expected did happen in the meeting between Bank Unions and IBA.
In today's discussion, Union reiterated that offer of 6% increase should be substantially improved.
Performance linked pay should be delinked from age revision.
IBA repeated their proposal that wage increase should linked to paying capacity.
Unions rejected IBA's proposal and informed that if IBA does not change their stand, it will lead to confrontation and agitation.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tripura pay hike notified w.e.f. 01.10.2018

The Government has approved to implement the following recommendations made by the Expert Committee for the employees, workers & pensioners of the State Government, Subordinate judiciary, Tripura Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Tripura public Service Commission, Grants-in-aid Schools, Tripura Board of Secondary Education and other Constitutional Bodies:
 Date of effect of the revision of Pay /wages/ Pensions shall be from 01.10.2018
Minimum Pay at the Entry Level of the pay matrix shall be Rs 18,000 per month for Group-C employees and Rs. 16,000 per month for Group-D employees of the State Government.
Annual increment shall be @ 3% per annum.
There shall be no change in the existing rates of allowances.
Click here for the notification
Click here for the Expert Committee Report

Bank Bipartite : Next meeting on 12th October to finalize wage revision

Meeting scheduled on 12th October 2018 may finalize the 11th Bipartite Wage Revision for Bankers. Recent developments and speed up in the process of salary negotiation by Indian Bankers' Association (IBA) is showing up the seriousness about bipartite settlement.

GPF interest rate hiked to 8% from 1st October to 31st December 2018

As expected, Govt. announced hike in GPF and similar funds interest rate to 8% for the quarter from October 2018 to December 2018.
Click here for the Resolution

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Cabinet approves Productivity Linked Bonus for Railway Employees

Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) equivalent to 78 days’ wages for the financial year 2017-18 for all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees About 11.91 lakh non-gazetted Railway employees are likely to benefit from the decision Payment of 78 days’ PLB to railway employees has been estimated to be Rs. 2044.31 crore 
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the payment of Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) equivalent to 78 days’ wages for the financial year 2017-18 for all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees (excluding RPF/RPSF personnel). The financial implication of payment of 78 days’ PLB to railway employees has been estimated to be Rs.2044.31 crore.  The wage calculation ceiling prescribed for payment of PLB to the eligible non-gazetted railway employees is Rs.7000/- p.m.  The maximum amount payable per eligible railway employee is  Rs.17,951 for 78 days. About 11.91 lakh non-gazetted Railway employees are likely to benefit from the decision.

Tripura revises pay structure, two lakh employees to get benefit

The Tripura government on Tuesday revised the pay structure of its two lakh employees with effect from October 1 this year and claimed that it is on a par with the 7th Central Pay Commission.
Click here for the Notification
The revised pay scale was prepared based on recommendations made by a committee headed by former Assam Chief Secretary P P Varma, Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb told a press conference. The recommendations were submitted to the government on Friday and accepted in a special cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Deb said. The BJP had had pledged for implementation of the 7th Pay Commission for the employee before the assembly election.
"The (previous) left Front government left a burden of Rs 11,000 crore. Despite that, we could fulfil the demands of the employees. We implemented our promises in a tough situation," He said, He said 9 per cent DA is still pending for the employees, but that chapter is yet to be closed. As per the revised scale, minimum pay at the entry level of the pay matrix would be Rs 18,000 per month for Group-C employees, and Rs 16,000 for Group-D employees.
Fixed pay employees would get benefits at par with regular employees under the revised salary structure, Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Devvarma, who also holds the finance portfolio, said. Pensioners would enjoy a minimum pension of Rs 8,000 per month and a maximum of Rs 1,07,450 per month. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Adhoc Bonus declared for Central Employees

Central Govt. declared adhoc bonus of 30 days for all Group C and non gazetted Group B employees for the accounting year 2017-18.
Non productivity linked adhoc bonus will be given as 30 days emoluments which is calculated as Rs 6908/-
Click here for the Order

Monday, October 1, 2018

Bank Bipartite : Outcome of 29th Sep meeting

The bipartite meeting on 29th September 2018 could not provide much breakthrough. 
IBA team made it clear to Unions that Banks are not in a capacity to pay more than 6% hike in wages. IBA did not go beyond 6% offer they made during last Negotiating Committee Meeting.

Shri. Prashant Kumar, DMD of SBI gave power point presentation on a New formula devised by IBA.

Accordingly, all member banks are to be categorised in three (3) categories, i.e., A,B,C.
Categorisation will be based on certain parameters as revealed by individual bank’s Balance-sheets.

IBA says they ‘Desire Shift’ in pay outs by Banks. The intent of IBA is to allow each Bank to pay its employees as per the Bank’s capacity to pay. For building the capacity to bear the load of payment to staff, the individual Banks will have to perform to a certain level.

Proposed Approach Intended is :
Adding an element of performance linked compensation over and above the settled pay structure.

It will be calculated as under:
A. A performance Linked Compensation will be incorporated:
i. The value will be over and above the increment as agreed in the Bipartite Settlement.
ii. Will be computed annually after declaration of annual financial results.

B. Payable amount shall be CONTINGENT upon achievement of established performance criteria by the Banks every year.

C. Key metrics chosen for defining organisational performance on following parameters.
• Operating Profit
• Return on Assets

D. Payout rate to be related to performance based Tiering, on chosen metrics.

For the FY 2017-18 the categorisation comes as under:
Operating Profit wise
A. Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank

Return of Assets
A. Indian Bank, VijayaBank
C. Bank of Maharashtra, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank

This new shocking proposal of IBA is not acceptable by any PSU banker.

As per the indications by merging DA as on 01.11.2016 the present basics will be constructed and then loading will be applied.
The unions primarily rejected the offer of disparity in pay structure. They are in a process of studying the new formula and represent in the next round of negotiation.

Saturday, September 29, 2018


 All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers,(AICPIN(IW) ,Base year 2001=100 for the month of August’18,has been released by Ministry of Labour and Employment.Govt of India, today which stood at 301 points constant  while compared to figure of July’18.
( Last month there was unprecedented hike in index number to the extent of 10 points) 
                    Now  the confirmed All India  Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers(Base 1960=100) for the past two months are as follows:-

Months                Base 2000=100       Base 1960=100
___________     _____________       _______________
July’18.                           301              6870.60              
Aug’18                            301              6870.60                       

Based on the above index numbers and on an assumption that if the same level of current month is continued in next month also  DA payable to Bank Staff for next quarter from 1st November to 31st January’19.may have an increase of 66 Slabs.
This is only an assumption based on current index number and exact figure can be arrived once index numbers for Sept'18 is released by next month end.

Courtesy : Mr Mohan P. 

Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) – August 2018

The All India CPI-IW for August 2018 remained stationary at 301(Three hundred one). On 1 month percentage change, it remained static between July,2018 and August 2018 and it was also static between the corresponding months of previous year.

Friday, September 28, 2018

West Bengal enhanced nurse retirement age by 2 years, issues notification

West Bengal Govt. enhanced the retirement age of nurses ( in all designation) to 62 years from present 60 years. This order will take immediate effect.
"............the Governor is hereby pleased to direct that notwithstanding anything contained in rule 75 of the West Bengal Service Rules, Part-I and the West Bengal Services (Death-cum-Retirement Benefit) Rules,1971, the age of retirement of all categories of nursing personnel as per the annexed Schedule who are holding regular appointment and are in service on the 1 st September, 2018 shall be enhanced from 60 (sixty) years to 62 (sixty two) years, with immediate effect."
Click here for the notification

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Aadhar mandatory for PAN and filing IT return, NOT for Bank A/C & Mobile connection

New Delhi, Sep 26 (PTI) The Supreme Court Wednesday declared the Centre's flagship Aadhaar scheme as constitutionally valid but struck down some of its provisions including its linking with bank accounts, mobile phones and school admissions.

A five-judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra held that while Aadhaar would remain mandatory for filing of IT returns and allotment of Permanent Account Number (PAN), it would not be mandatory to link Aadhaar to bank accounts and telecom service providers cannot seek its linking for mobile connections.

Monday, September 24, 2018

LTC by Air to J&K, NER and Andaman : Extended for two more years

Central government employees can fly to Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast region and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands while availing leave travel concession (LTC) for two more years till September 2020, according to an official order issued Thursday. The employees get reimbursement of tickets for to and fro journey, besides paid leaves, when they avail LTC.
They are also allowed to travel in any private airline to these places, the order issued by the Personnel Ministry said.
The Centre had in September 2014 relaxed the LTC rules to allow government staff to travel by air to Northeast region, Jammu and Kashmir and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
The relaxation is being extended time to time. It was last extended for two years in 2016.
The scheme allowing government servants to travel by air to Northeast region, J-K and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is extended for a further period of two years, till September 25, 2018, , the ministry said.
The facility of air journey to non-entitled government staff is also extended for the same period.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Next Bank Bipartite meeting on 29th September

Indian Banks'  Association (IBA) has called for joint meeting with all the representatives of Banks'Union on 29th of Septemebr 2018 for negotiating wage settlement under 11th Bipartite. 

This meeting will be attended by newly appointed IBA chairman.

This will be a crucial meeting where important decisions will be finalize pertaining to few of important agendas of 11th Bipartite like 5 days banking, Regularized working hours and others.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Half day holiday for West Bengal employees on 17th September

"On occasion of VISWAKARMA PUJA which falls on 17th September (Monday) this year, the Governor has been pleased to declare that all State Government offices, Urban and Rural Bodies, Corporations, Undertakings, Educational institutions and other offices / institutions under the control of the Government of West Bengal with the exception of the Offices of the Registrar of Assurances, Kolkata, the Collector of Stamp Revenue, Kolkata and the West Bengal State Beverages Corporation Ltd. shall be closed at 2:00 P.M on that day."
Click here for the order

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Rajasthan increased D.A. by two percentage

The Vasundhara Raje-led BJP government in Rajasthan on Monday increased the Dearness Allowance (DA) of the state government employees by 2%. The DA of the Rajasthan government employees has been increased from 7% to 9%.
The increased amount for the period between July 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018 will be credited to the General Provident Fund Account of the respective employees and cash payment shall be admissible from September 1, 2018, according to a release. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

West Bengal to amend teacher transfer rule

The Bengal government will amend transfer rules to ensure school and college teachers, particularly women, are posted in districts where their spouses work, education minister Partha Chatterjee said at a Teachers' Day programme on Wednesday.

West Bengal Colleges (Transfer of Employees) Rules, 2017

If there is no vacancy in the district to which such a transfer is sought, the teacher will be posted in an adjacent district, Chatterjee said.
West Bengal School Service Commission (General Transfer etc.) Rules 2015
"The government has decided to bring in certain changes in the existing transfer rules to make it easier to offer posting to teachers in institutions located in areas close to the places where their spouse live. How can teachers concentrate on teaching if they have to spend most of the time of the day commuting?" Chatterjee said.
West Bengal School Service Commission (Mutual Transfer) Rules 2012
According to the minister, "certain procedural problems" came in the way of clearing such transfers. "The amendment aims to remove these lapses."
Teachers staying far from their families tend to take frequent leave to be with their families, affecting the academic activities of their institutions, a senior official said.
Chatterjee cited an example. "It is not possible for someone in Jhargram to travel to Kalyani (220km away) every day to attend school or college. The teacher will spend the whole day travelling and have no time to improve the teaching and the learning process in the institution," he said.
The minister handed out Siksha Ratna awards to 60 teachers of universities, colleges and schools at the Teachers' Day event.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Telengana announced one installment of Dearness Allowance

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Monday gave his nod for one installment of DA to the government employees. The government has been pending the sanction of two DAs for eight months. An official release from the Chief Minister’s Office said that the Chief Minister signed on the concerned file to release 1.572 per cent DA with a cumulative total of 27.248 per cent with effect January 1, 2018.
The Chief Minister even before his blockbuster meeting - Pragati Nivedana Sabha – began clearing administrative files. The CM’s focus on clearing files created a buzz in political circles and media that KCR may go in for dissolution of state Assembly and seek early elections. Nevertheless, the CM promised to address the issues related to the state staff. 

Clearing of one installment of DA appears to be one such initiative. Official sources said that the last installment of the DA will be sanctioned before the announcement of Interim Relief (IR) under the new Pay Revision Commission (PRC) which will come into effect by this year-end.

Monday, September 3, 2018

AICPIN for July 2018

According to Laour Bureau Press Release, All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (AICPIN-IW) for July 2018 increased by 10 points and reached 301.
On 1 month percentage change, it increased by 3.44% between June 2018 and July 2018.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Calcutta High Court ruled that DA Is Legal Right Of Govt Employees

Calcutta High Court division bench of justice Debashish Kar and Justice Shekhar Boby Saraf on Friday dismissed SAT’s report which has stated the Dearness Allowance is not the right of the employees rather a relief by government. But the court has criticised and dismissed the facts and figures provided by them.
According to ROPA Act, DA is the right of the employees. State government employees supposed to get the Dearness Allowance.

Also Read : Expecte Pay Scale as per sixth Pay Commission

High Court sent back the case to State Administrative Tribunal to re examine following two issues and decide within two months.
1) Whether state employees are entitled to get D.A. as per central rate and 
2) State Govt. employees posted in Delhi and Chennai are in receipt of D.A at higher rate. This is against the principal of parity. Whether state employees belonging to the same posts, posted in the state will get D.A. as per this higher rate ?

High Court likely to decide on West Bengal D.A. today

Update : Click here for the verdict
Calcutta High Court likely to deliver it's verdict soon on the issue of pending D.A. to state Govt. employees of West Bengal. Earlier State Tribunal dismissed the plea of the employees citing reason that D.A. can not be demanded as a matter of right but depends on the mercy of the Govt. Aggrieved by this decision, employees knocked the door of Calcutta High Court and after long rounds of hearing, the Court is supposed to deliver judgement today.
Based on the observations of the Court, employees are feeling verdict in their favour. According to sources, if the judgement asks the sate to clear pending DAs, the state may explore the possibility of implementing pay commission award which is already overdue.
Stay tuned for further updates.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Central Govt. hiked D.A. by 2% for employees and pensioners

Cabinet approves additional 2 percent Dearness Allowance (DA) for Central Government employees and Dearness Relief (DR) to pensioners w.e.f. 1st July, 2018

The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modihas approved to release an additional instalment of Dearness Allowance (DA) to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief (DR) to pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.2018 representing an increase of 2% over the existing rate of 7% of the Basic Pay/Pension, to compensate for price rise.

The combined impact on the exchequer on account of both Dearness Allowance and Deamess Relief would be Rs.6112.20 crore per annum and Rs.4074.80 crore in the financial year 2018-19 (for a period of 08 months from July, 2018 to February, 2019).
This will benefit about 48.41 lakh Central Government employees and 62.03 lakh pensioners.
This increase is in accordance with the accepted formula, which is based on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tripura to join NPS

The state Govt. employees of Tripura will be covered under National Pension System. Govt. has taken a decision in this effect and issued notification.
Click here for the notification
The state Govt. employees joining on or after 1st July 2018 will be mandatorily under the New Pension System, similar to the Central Govt. employees and different state employees.
10% of Basic pay and D.A will be deducted from employees salary and Govt. will pay matching contribution.
Employees joining on or after 01.07.2018 will have no GPF and will be outside the ambit of Old pension system. With this except West Bengal, all other state employees are now under NPS and it will definitely shed the burden of state exchequer to a great extent.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Bank Bipartite : Outcome of small committee meeting on 18.08.18

As informed earlier, another round of Bipartite Talks (8th round of Small Committee discussions) was held by Indian Banks’ Association with our 5 Workman Unions on 18.08.2018 at Mumbai. 

The meeting took stock of the discussions held so far in the last 7 rounds of talks held between our Unions and the IBA’s Small Committee team and arrived at the following tentative understandings.

• Settlement will be effective from 1-11-2017.
• Settlement will cover 37 Banks ( 20 PSBs, 10 Private Banks and 7 Foreign Banks). Mandate to be received from IDBI Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland.

• When an employee is transferred from one station to another, instead of normal HRA, he/she will be paid HRA on Rent Receipt basis. Suitable ceilings will be prescribed.
• Branches located in Special Economic Zone/EPZ, etc. to be paid HRA at par with Project Areas.
• Notice period for availing Privilege Leave (other than for LFC) will stand reduced to 10 days.
• Privilege leave taken on sick grounds when there is no sick leave will not be counted as an occasion of availing PL.
• Beyond 30 years of service, additional sick leave will be granted at 1 month per year subject to a max. of 720 days in entire service. ( it is 630 days now) i.e. 3 months additional sick leave.
• Women employees can avail sick leave for the sickness of their children (upto 8 years of age) on production of medical certificate.
• Extra ordinary Leave on loss of pay can be availed for 120 days at a time    ( it is 90 days now).
• Maternity Leave can be availed in combination/continuation with other kind of leave.
• Medical Bills for Maternity can be given after joining the Bank after availing ML irrespective of period.
• 2 months leave with salary will be granted for Hysterectomy where ML limit is exhausted.
• Paternity Leave can be sanctioned even in case of child adoption.
• Absence from office due to curfew, riots, prohibitory orders, natural calamities, flood, etc. will be treated as special leave on duty.
• LFC: permissible Distance will be revised as 2200 km/4400 km for non-substaff and 2600 km/5200 km for substaff (only for actual travel and not for encashment).
• Road Mileage charges will be revised from Rs. 6 per km to Rs. 8 per km.
• Train fare by Shatabdi and Rajdhani express trains (non-Executive Class) will be reimbursed under LFC if travel is undertaken by these trains.                                     ( For encashment, existing rules will continue).
• Charges for local sightseeing while on LFC will be reimbursed within the entitlement on production of bills from approval operators.
• GST charges on train fare will be reimbursed.
• For employees working in North East States, LFC will begin from Guwahati and the fare from their place of work to Guwahati will be additionally paid. Similarly, Andaman Nicobar islands to Chennai/Kolkata, Lakshadweep to Kochi, far-flung area branches in Himalayas and J & K to nearest major railway station will be additionally reimbursed under LFC in addition to normal entitlement.
• For actual travel under LFC, train fare under dynamic fare system as on the date of booking of tickets will be reimbursed.
• One more option will be given to choose between 2 years block or 4 years block.
• Income criteria for definition of dependents will be revised from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000
• Employees removed from service under Voluntary Cessation Scheme will be eligible for retirement benefits including pension, if otherwise eligible.
• Employees removed from service under Voluntary Cessation Scheme will be given the chance to represent against the decision.
• Facility of Crèche for children of women bank employees will be examined in the light of Government guidelines.
• For employees transferred out of station under Deployment policy, the compensation amount will be revised from Rs. 400 to Rs. 600 per month.
• When employees shift their personal effects while on transfer to another station, Breakage charges will be paid at Rs. 1650 for clerks and Rs. 1100 for substaff ( on production of receipt) or Rs. 1100 for clerks and Rs. 825 for substaff (on Declaration basis).
• For definition of Family, physically/mentally challenged children of employees will continue to be treated as dependents even after their marriage subject to income criteria.
• Revision/increase in Conveyance Allowance to Physically Challenged employees will be suitably recommended to the Government.
• Our demand for exemption of entire retirement benefits from the purview of Income Tax will be recommended to Government for their consideration.
• Service Charges under New Pension Scheme will not be recovered from the employees and will be paid by the Banks.
• When employees are sent to outstation for official duties, the rate of Diem Allowance/Halting Allowance will be increased after further discussions.
• Guidelines will be worked out for reimbursement of Hotel Rent in such occasions subject to certain agreed ceilings.
• Increase in Ex-Gratia amount payable to pre-1986 retirees/surviving spouse will be recommended to Government.
• Other Allowances like Cycle Allowance, Washing Allowance, Split Duty Allowance, etc. will be increased  by 15%.

Issues to be discussed further/to be finalised :
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