Thursday, August 20, 2009

IIT-IIM faculty to boycott classes from tomorrow

Aggrieved by differential pay scales and non-implementation of Sixth Central Pay Commission recommendations, the faculty of the IIT Madras will boycott classes indefinitely from tomorrow.

"We have decided to stop taking classes from tomorrow as our earlier protests of taking classes wearing black badges had not paid off," M Thenmozhi, President, IIT-M Faculty Association, told PTI here today.

She claimed the faculty at IIT-Kharagpur and IIT-Rourkee will also go into protest mode with the former expected to go on "mass casual leave" tomorrow and keeping off mentoring activities.

Thenmozhi said the scales of pay were not "as expected" and an Assistant Professor in the institution was drawing lesser than their counterpart in an Arts and Science college.

"We have been forced to think it would be better to work in other colleges," she said.

Source : PTI

MHRD Pay Notification for Centrally Funded Institutions.

Classes off at IIT in pay ire : The Telegraph. Dated 21.08.2009

"The IIT Madras faculty today declared they would stop taking classes indefinitely from tomorrow in protest over a new pay regime that teachers across the IITs and IIMs have dubbed “disrespectfully” inadequate.

The IIT Madras faculty association’s decision is unprecedented in the history of the IITs and it means there will be no classes at the institute till the protest ends.

The faculty association also resolved to stop mentoring the new IIT at Hyderabad, a task that had been assigned to IIT Madras.

IIT Kharagpur teachers are also going on mass casual leave tomorrow. They will not take classes or perform administrative tasks. However, they will return to work on Monday.

Till late this evening, the authorities at the Madras and Kharagpur IITs were trying to convince angry teachers to come to work tomorrow, but the faculty refused to bow down.

The faculty associations of the other IITs are also scheduled to meet over the next two days to finalise their protest strategy.

The IIMs at present have not declared how they plan to protest the new pay regime.

The directors of all IITs are scheduled to meet in Chennai on Sunday, when they will discuss how to raise the concerns expressed by their faculty with the Union human resource development ministry.

As reported by The Telegraph on August 19, the new pay regime for teachers at these premier institutions snips increments recommended by a central pay panel under former Indian Institute of Science director Goverdhan Mehta.

The new regime approved by the cabinet earlier this month — but kept under wraps till it was notified yesterday — also cuts back on a slew of incentives suggested by the Mehta panel."


prabin said...

All teachers should have same pay. Only difference should be in incentives. No one should get money by institute name but from their caliber means from project and consultancy.

Siva said...

How many classes faculties r taking at Univ ?? Hardly, there is any classes for M.Phil /Ph.D . courses.
Even if for M.Sc./MA/M.Com courses are not covered as per the curriculum for last 15/20 years.
They have no technical contribution towards growth of technologies.
Whether u cover ur courses or not, full UGC salary will reach their pocket at right time.

sspplm said...

I dont know whether Siva is from any IIT/IIM. But his comment abount Univ. teachers is absolutely bogus. May I ask him how many IIT teachers show substantial contributions in research and development comparing to the amount of funds/infrastructure they get from various sources. With my experience of doing researches in a premier IIT, I found in several departments, hardly there are 3-4 faculty members who sincerely do researches by their own hand. Of the otherrs some are basically research managers, utiliing students for research and getting their names in the papers. And several teachers do not bother to do researches.

pku said...

MHRD notification for CFTIs, F.No.23-1/2008-TS-II, says in cl.2. (c), Associate professor can be professor after 4 years. This for NITs, ISM and IIITs teachers.

MHRD notification for UGC, F.No.1-32/2006-U.II/U.I(1), says in cl. 2. (a) (xiii), associate professor can be professor after 3 years. This is for UGC teachers.

Note: All other conditions are same, except years.

Is it acceleration?

Similarly, MHRD notification for CFTIs, F.No.23-1/2008-TS-II, says in cl.2. (b) (iii), Assistant professor having Ph.D and of 8000 AGP can be associate professor after 3 years. This for NITs, ISM and IIITs teachers.

MHRD notification for UGC, F.No.1-32/2006-U.II/U.I(1), says in 2. (a) (xii) Assistant professor of 8000 AGP can be associate professor after 3 years. Please see, no mention of Ph.D. This is for UGC teachers.

Which to follow?

Nagaraju said...

Assistant professors at IIM and IITs have always been equal to Readers in the universities in the pay scales. Under the fifth pay commission, both were drawing pay in 12000 – 18000 pay scale. However, in the recent pay revision, Assistant professors of IITs and IIMs would be left far behind the Readers of universities. Under the UGC pay revision, the Readers and lecturers (selection grade) who have put in minimum of 3 years service as of 01-01-2006 would move to PB IV of 37400 – 67000 with AGP of 9000 and be termed as Associate Professors . Vide MHRD notification F.No.1-32/2006-U.II/U.I(1) section 2 (a) (ix). But, there is no such mobility given to Assistant professors of IIT and IIMs in MHRD notification F.No.23-1/2008-TS-II. Instead, they would continue to be in the pay band III whatever be their number of years of service.

One wonders why this disincentive to the Assistant Professors of IIT and IIMs? Indeed the Mehta Committee has specifically recommended that assistant professors who have completed 3 years of service be placed in PB IV and be termed as Associate Professors (Chapter 3, para 3.4.1). This recommendation is being clearly ignored by the HRD Ministry in its notification for IIT and IIM.

Nagaraju said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sspplm said...

Dear Nagaraju,

I cannot understand why you are saying that asst. professors shall remain in PB-3 even after three years of service in AGP 8K. I hope there is CAS system through which they can be promoted after required experience and performances. In 5th pay commission, even, there is no mention that IIT asst. profs are equivalent to readers of UGC system. The scales may indicate that. But one can not claim such equivalence. Also if you follow the 6th CPC rule of multiplying the earlier scale by 1.86, you will understand the logic behind the present salary structure.

sspplm said...

Please note:
Comparative benefits if IIT pay scales over UGC teachers:

1). 7 advance increments as compared to 5 in case of UGC teachers

2). Movement to Assoc. Prof. After 9 yrs compared to 12 yrs for UGC teachers

3). 13 yrs for movement to Professor post compared to 15 yrs in case of UGC teachers

4). Movement to Senior Professor after 6 years as compared to 10 yrs in case of UGC

5). A cumulative Professional allowance of Rs 3.0 lakh for 3 years as compared to none for UGC incumbent

Siva said...


In 5th PC, The Asst. Professor at IIT was equivalent to Reader in University. I can give example people from Central University left reader post and join at IIT as Assistant Professor. (One faculty from Delhi Univ. to IIT Kanpur joined 4 years back).

Also, in 5th PC, Associate Prof. at IIT was equivalent to Professor in University with same scale.

Also, there was no equivalent post (salary equivalent) in University to Professor of IIT.

In 6th PC, Nomenclature at IITs should have started from Associate Professor, Professor and Senior Professor as UGC changed the nomenclature for their teaching posts.

So, Do not campare Asst. Prof. of UGC (now) in Asst. Prof. of IIT. Please compare the scale of Associate Prof, of Univ. with Asst. Prof, ot IIT.

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