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IIT - IIM Pay : Minister ready to lend ear to IIT, IIM faculty

The government is willing to address concerns raised by IIT and IIM faculty over a controversial new pay regime opposed by teachers at the premier institutions, human resource development minister Kapil Sibal said today.

“I am certainly willing to listen to their concerns. I may call a meeting with my officials to consider any problems (with the new pay scales),” Sibal said, in response to a question at a news briefing.

His statement came on a day when teachers at IIT Kharagpur and IIT Madras stayed away from classes in protest against the new pay regime that they said was “disrespectful”.

The IITs are expected to collectively submit a memorandum to Sibal through their directors, who are expected to discuss the concerns raised by their faculty at a meeting in Chennai on Sunday.

As reported first in The Telegraph — on August 19 and 20 — the new pay scales cleared by the cabinet snipped annual increments proposed by a central panel set up to revise salaries.

The new pay regime also ignores a slew of incentives proposed by the central panel under former Indian Institute of Science director Goverdhan Mehta to attract fresh teachers and retain the best faculty at the institutes.

The IITs and the IIMs face a faculty shortage of between 20 and 30 per cent, many of their best teachers lured away by better salary offers in industry or foreign education institutions.

Sibal, his predecessor Arjun Singh, and several other government officials have repeatedly dubbed the faculty shortage a major problem plaguing these institutes.

Source : The Telegraph.

IIT Madras faculty to return to classes.

Faculty members of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras), who had on friday boycotted classes expressing displeasure over the anomalies in the central govt's revised pay scale notification have decided to return to classes from Monday.

The IIT Madras Faculty Association (IMFA) decided to temporarily suspend the agitation on a request from the institute deputy director V G Idichandy, who is officiating as director-in-charge since the incumbent M S Ananth is on leave. However, the faculty members would continue to sport black badges as an expression of protest to the union human resources development ministry's notification, while attending to their duty.

"We did not take classes on Friday. But our director-in-charge appealed to us to wait for some time and assured that the directors of all IITs who are meeting in Chennai on Sunday would take up our case with the IIT standing council and the central government. We have been asked to make a presentation on the anomalies in the revised pay scales notified by the government. Heeding to this assurance, we have decided to handle classes from Monday," IMFA president M Thenmozhi told The Times of India on Friday.

The revised pay scales were notified by the union human resources development ministry on Tuesday last based on the recommendations contained in a report submitted by professor Goverdhan Mehta, the former director of the Indian Institute of Science. However, faculty members across IITs in the country were upset over the revised pay scales since the pay bands fixed for them were far lower than those announced by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for teachers of arts and science universities and colleges.

Faculty members hope that the ministry would examine their representation and come up with a "dignified revised pay scales."

Source : The Times of India.


pku said...

MHRD notification for CFTIs, F.No.23-1/2008-TS-II, says in cl.2. (c), Associate professor can be professor after 4 years. This for NITs, ISM and IIITs teachers.

MHRD notification for UGC, F.No.1-32/2006-U.II/U.I(1), says in cl. 2. (a) (xiii), associate professor can be professor after 3 years. This is for UGC teachers.

Note: All other conditions are same, except years.

Is it acceleration?

Similarly, MHRD notification for CFTIs, F.No.23-1/2008-TS-II, says in cl.2. (b) (iii), Assistant professor having Ph.D and of 8000 AGP can be associate professor after 3 years. This for NITs, ISM and IIITs teachers.

MHRD notification for UGC, F.No.1-32/2006-U.II/U.I(1), says in 2. (a) (xii) Assistant professor of 8000 AGP can be associate professor after 3 years. Please see, no mention of Ph.D. This is for UGC teachers.

Which to follow?

sspplm said...

It is not correct to say IIT/IIM new salary structures are lower than the UGC counterparts. Many of the comparisons are erroneous and exaggerated. The fundamental difference, i.e. duration after which the UGC asst. professors are getting promotions are overlooked in making these comments. In some slabs, IIT/NIT teachers may lag by one year. They may go for better deal, but they should not make generic statements about lower salary, without going into finer details.

PREM said...

Dear fellow teachers,
I have been writing blogs on this topic in this column for about last 8 months but during this time all of you showed 'patience' (timidity?) when I quoted Shakespear - "They would have not become wolves had we not become lambs". Exactly the same thing happened and we opted to remain lambs and they obviously became wolves . Anyway 'Better late than never'. Now Technical Teachers all over the country should rise as one person against the 'humiliation' caused by the babus of MHRD and take a unisoned course. The IITs or NITs or any other tech institute's teachers come forward and think not only for themselves in isolation bu for all. The NITs or other tech teachers also spend the same career years to reach a level in the hirerchy. So

(1) All the tech teachers should be placed above the UGC scales, as envisaged in G Mehta Report.

(2) NITs should be placed above the General Tech Colleges.

(3) IITs (Including IIITs and ISM Dhanbad) should be placed at the super scales.
(4) Downgrading of any Institute without any valid reason or because of degradation in the quality of academic activites of the institute should not be done only by the 'sweet will' of the babus of MHRD. The upgrading or downgrading of any institute should be based only on the assesement by proper and consecutively (at least for 3 years) conducted academic audit by proper committees of renouned academicians of the technical fields. So the present downgrading of IIITs and ISM Dhanbad is ILLIGLE and UNCALLED FOR and should immediately be withdrawn unconditionally by MHRD as their first step.
Today it is IIITs and ISM Dhanbad,, and tomorrow if this continues, (who knows) may be the axe falls on any established IIT if it does not 'conform' to the great MHRD?

(5) The scales given given to all CFTIs ( IITs/ IIMs, IIITs, ISM, IISC NITs etc. ) should be respecable.

(6) The lenght of service of the existing faculty needs be recognised and should reflect in their basic pay. Look at the proposed pay which reminds of the saying which best fits to MHRD bosses:


for example:
(a) A new entrant (basic pay in old scale -12000) as Assistant Professor will get 30,000 as basic pay and an existing Asst Professor with 10 years of service with basic pay of 16200 will get 30140 - a mere Rs 140 for his 10 years experince all of which gets washed for the 'WISDOM' of MHRD officials sitting in DELHI in their AC rooms!!

(b) A new entrant as Associate professor (Basic pay in old scale 16400) will get 42800 as new basic pay and an existing Associate Professor for 6 years, whose basic pay is 19100 (may be with a total about 27 years teaching experince0 will get Rs 43390 - a mere Rs 590 for his experince and service rendered to the institute for so many years.- All because of the 'POWER AND JUDGEMENT OF SOME MHRD JARGONS' sitting in DELHI in ther AC Rooms!!

(c)A newly appointed Professor will get basic pay of Rs 48000 on joining but a serving old (may not be so old) Professor who has devoted his life in the profession and with 6 years experince as Professor will get a basic pay of Rs 48870 just Rs 870 being the price of all what he has over the fresh person who has not given anything to the institute and may be very new in teaching. All his experince, knowledge, control over the subject and pedagogy will fetch him Rs 870 only over a brand new Professor, 'COURTESY' again to the 'HARD WORK, EFFORTS, DELIBERATIONS, THINKING, AND THE CONFIDENTIALTY MAINTAINED' by great MHRD babus again sitting ....!!


This can be said in other words:

For new entrants 'Welcome' at the Gate ,
And 'Humiliation' for the already inmates.

(7) The fitment tables given by MHRD FOR ugc give Higher new pay for the same basic pay to Tech Teachers of CFTIs.

The Criteria changes for different situations viz. BEFORE and AFTER elections.


Gagan Dhillon said...

According to the data provided by you and the difference in the salaries of newly appointed faculty and old faculty, there is a solution to that. All IIT Faculty should resign and re-apply for posts at same or other IITs. Once they are re-appointed, they will get the new scales. Anyways, there is a very high paucity of faculty especially with new IITs opening up and there is no chance they will not be recruited again.

sspplm said...

Please note:
Comparative benefits if IIT pay scales over UGC teachers:

1). 7 advance increments as compared to 5 in case of UGC teachers

2). Movement to Assoc. Prof. After 9 yrs compared to 12 yrs for UGC teachers

3). 13 yrs for movement to Professor post compared to 15 yrs in case of UGC teachers

4). Movement to Senior Professor after 6 years as compared to 10 yrs in case of UGC

5). A cumulative Professional allowance of Rs 3.0 lakh for 3 years as compared to none for UGC incumbent

Siva said...


In 5th PC, The Asst. Professor at IIT was equivalent to Reader in University. I can give example people from Central University left reader post and join at IIT as Assistant Professor. (One faculty from Delhi Univ. to IIT Kanpur joined 4 years back).

Also, in 5th PC, Associate Prof. at IIT was equivalent to Professor in University with same scale.

Also, there was no equivalent post (salary equivalent) in University to Professor of IIT.

In 6th PC, Nomenclature at IITs should have started from Associate Professor, Professor and Senior Professor as UGC changed the nomenclature for their teaching posts.

So, Do not campare Asst. Prof. of UGC (now) in Asst. Prof. of IIT. Please compare the scale of Associate Prof, of Univ. with Asst. Prof, ot IIT.

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