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Dearness allowance for Bank and Central Govt. employees from July 2010

Update :View the Bank D.A. for Aug,Sep.Oct
Bank D.A.from Aug 2010 onwards :D.A. RISE FOR AUG SEP OCT 2010 IS 8 SLABS.(TOTAL 40.8%OF B.P+SPL.ALL.+P.Q.A)

Source : Mr Kumar
Visit the Bank D.A. details
Central D.A. @10%
 All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 value has been released by Labour Bureau. The value of the index stands at 174 level, so in this situation, the Dearness Allowance for Central Government Employees will be rised 10% and total of 45% (35% + 10%). All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the month of June, 2010 increased by 2 points and stood at 174 (one hundred and seventy four). 

During June, 2010, the index recorded an increase of 8 points in Varanasi centre, 6 points each in Quilon and Giridih centres, 5 points in 4 centres, 4 points in 8 centres, 3 points in 13 centres, 2 points in 17 centres and 1 point in 19 centres. The index decreased by 1 point each in Ludhiana and Ghaziabad centres, while in the remaining 12 centres the index remained stationary. 

The indices in respect of the six major centres are as follows :

1. Ahmedabad – 169
2. Bangalore –182
3. Chennai – 162
4. Delhi – 159
5. Kolkata -172
6. Mumbai -171

The point to point rate of inflation for the month of June, 2010 is 13.73% as compared to 13.91% in May, 2010. 

Source : Labour Bureau.

MonthAll India Index% of increase

Based on AICPIN index, here we calculated DA percentage from 1st July 2010 onwards
As per index value, % of increase for June 2010 is 45.06, so it will be 45% dearness allowance from July 2010 onwards for central government employees.
How to calculate % of increase ?
Here is the simple formula for calculate increase percentage for AICPIN
=> DA = (Average of AICPIN for the past 12 months – 115.76)*100/115.76

It may be remembered that no official release is available about the D.A. hike of Central Govt. employees till now (30.07.2010). The announcement from Govt. of India is awaited and we will inform as soon as it is made available.


rohit kumar satpathy said...
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rohit kumar satpathy said...
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chandan said...

@rohit kumar satpathy, August 14, 2010 3:59 PM:

This is due to

Either for our beloved union leaders

Or in banks employees have already drawn this hike in last Nov & Feb quarter.

Choice is yours.

Am I right Balan Sir and Shankar Sir?

Sirs, if our bank employee's knowledge is to this extend, then how can we fight with evil IBA in long run? Just have a thought for solution.


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