Monday, July 27, 2009

Maharastra Mantralaya staff to go on strike.

After doctors and teaching staff in the state, Mantralaya employees are going on an indefinite strike from August 4 .
G.D. Kulthe, secretary of the Gazetted Officers' Association said though they have been receiving salaries according to the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations, they want HRA and transport allowances on a par with the Central government employees. "Besides, we want an assured promotion programme and gratuity according to the Central government norms,'' he added.

Kulthe said nearly 24 lakh employees from Mantralaya, government, zilla parishad, teachers and gazetted officers will join the strike.

The government has spent Rs 18,800 crore to pay arrears from January 2006 and will have a burden of Rs 8,400 crore every year. The finance department said if CM Ashok Chavan accepts their demand, then the state will have a burden of another Rs 4,800 crore.

Chief secretary Johny Joseph said many states do not pay HRA and transport allowance on a par with the Central government. "The financial condition of the state will worsen if we give them another hike. It will cost us nearly Rs 5,000 crore per annum,'' he said.
Source : Times of India.

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krishnan said...

The 6th Pay Commission benefits were to be given to the government and non-government employees w.e.f. 01st Jan 2006. Although, the 6th Pay is made effective from that date, the actual implementation was delayed by the Central Govt by more than two years and the State Governmetns by more than three years. The Govt of Maharashtra has delayed it more than 3 and half years. The arrears paid to the employees are paid at historical prices and not at current prices. Thus the governmetns both Central and State have already saved or usurped a huge sum of money in the form of INTEREST not paid on the arrears due to the employees. Now, the Govt of Maharashtra do not want to pay HRA and TA according to the 6th Pay but according to the 5th Pay. In effect, the Govt of Maharashtra wants to usurp another great sum of money from the employees and also want to take the credit for implementing the 6th Pay. The likes of Johny Joseph and Sahara belongs to the IAS Cadre and receive Central Govt pay and allowances. Before they speak on behalf of the Govt they must also accept Maharashtra Govt pay and allowances as per 6th pay and return to the surplus to the cash starved treasury of the Govt of Maharashtra. Charity begins at home and hence all those Central Government Officers working for the State of Maharashtra in the Civil Services must return surplus of HRA and TA to the Government of Maharashtra so that they become eligible to shed crocodile tears on behalf of the Government of Maharashtra.

The employees have already lost about 25 percent of the purchasing power of whatever money they may receive in the form of arrears. Thanks to the inflation tax. Greater the delay in paying the arrears, greater will be the loss of the employees in terms of interest foregone and lesser will be the purchasing power of money that they may receive any time in future. This is nothing but Broad Day Light robbery committed by the Government.

If the Governments have any sense of justice, they must pay back arrears alongwith interest to neutralize the impact of inflation on the purchasing power of money and employees receive their entitlements without any erosion.

The delay in the implementation of the 6th pay reflects upon the apathy and inefficiency of the Government of Maharashtra. Such unwarranted and unduly long delays can bring no cheers to the employees even if they were to get the benefits.

The Government employees have always lived in history because the Government of the day has always worked in history. The employees always talk about arrears, be they be about 6th Pay arrears or DA arrears. A government which works in the past will also have its employees working in the past.

I hope the Government of Maharashtra and other Governments atleast learn to live in the present if not in the future and hence forth make real time implementation so that we as a nation and as a people stop looking back at our past with expectations because people with normal mental faculties look at the future with expectations.


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