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Govt processing panel's suggestion on IIT, IIM faculty's pay

A committee set up to recommend revised pay scale for faculty of IITs and IIms has suggested fat salary packages for them while the recommendations are being processed by the government, the Rajya Sabha was told on Tuesday.

The Govardhan Mehta Pay Review Committee has suggested that the scale of pay of assistant professors in these institutions will be in the Pay Band of Rs 15,600 to Rs 39,100 with Academic Grade Pay of Rs 8,000, Minister of State for HRD D Purandeswari said in a written reply.

The committee has said the position of lecturer could be offered on contractual basis and may be renewed in the pay band Rs 15,600 to Rs 39,100 with AGP of Rs 7,000.

It has further said three advance increments on non-compoundable basis may be allowed for those with M Tech and six advance increments on non-compoundable basis may be allowed to lecturers with PhD.

The committee has suggested that pay scale of associate professors should be in pay band of Rs 37,400 to Rs 67,000 with AGP of Rs 10,000 while the minimum basic pay to be fixed at Rs 43,000.

The scale of pay for professors will be remain in the pay band of Rs 37,400 to Rs 67,000 with AGP of Rs 11,000 and the minimum basic to be be fixed at Rs 48,000.

A professor will be eligible for enhanced AGP of Rs 12,000 with five years experience in the scale.

Source : Economic Times.


Siva said...

Minutes of the GBM held on Aug. 3, 2009 at CLT at 4.30p.m at IIT MADRAS

The tentative date for the annual general body meeting was announced as Sept. 18th, 2009 and the formal announcement with details of accounts and activites will be sent later.

With respect to 6PC, the activites done after our last meeting in april was presented-

In April, the Cabinet secretary had requested for placing IIT payscales after the new govt. has taken over and hence no action was taken by MHRD.
After the formation of new Government, letters were sent by All India IIT Federation to Secretary and Joint secretary MHRD and Minister of HRD to reinforce our claims. Due to nonresponse of MHRD on the status of IIT Payscale implementation, requests were sent to President, Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi, officials at MHRD and Chairman, Board of Governors of all IITs. The Federation then requested for an appointment with Kapil Sibal, Minister of HRD, but it was not given.

Siva said...

At every IIT, the there was lot of concern over the delay in 6PC announcment and had resolved to move further to speeden up the process and at IITM, we did not convene any meeting to discuss this issue as many of them were disturbed by the long delay in the release of appointment orders resulting from the of the faculty recruitment process. Since, the FA was also exploring all possibilites to speeden up the release of appoinment orders, the discussion on 6Pc was kept at low profile.
In the meanwhile, IIT Mumbai gave press release of our concern and in response to that there was a press release by MHRD on 24th June, 2009 stating that IIT pay sclaes are going to be placed for Cabinet approval. There was no news then.
We came to know through our Director that the 6PC for IITs will be announced by end of July, 2009 and we decided to wait for the annoucenment.
The Federation arranged for a meeting on 24th July, 2009 to discuss our action plan to speeden up the process of 6PC implmentation. We came to know that the IITpaysclaes are awaiting CABINET approval , but we were told that it may take some time as our item is not in the current priroty list. After deliberating on several action plans brought in by each IIT, it was resolved to begin with wearing black badges on aug. 6 ( the date was changed from aug.5th as it was raksha bhandan day and some IITs had a holiday) as a mild form of protest and give a press relase to this effect and then looka t other possibilities.
Based on the Federation press release, there was a question raised in the Parliament and the response given was not encouraging as the reply reproduced Mehta Committee reommendations.
All NITs are also planning to wear black badges to protest against the delay in 6Pc implementation.

Siva said...

At our GBM held on Aug. 3, 2009, in order to speed up the announcement and implementation of 6PC for IITs, there were deliberations on wearing black badges till it is implemented, going on mass casaul leave but doing our work, overworking continously, fasting, stop mentoring other IITs, giving press release, etc. During the discussion, concerns were expressed that faculty members of premier Institutions like IITs, instead of being given the due treatment, are being indirectly forced by the system due to neglect and delay, to resort to some action plans to make the authorities look at the interest of a small group of (about 2500) faculty members of IITs. After the deliberations, finally it was decided that :
1.If there is no announcement on IIT payscales made on or before Aug. 5th, 2009, all the faculty members will Wear black badges from Aug. 6 to 14th, 2009 and give a press release(newspaper and TV) and memorandum to officials (IITM Director and Chairman, BoG,IITM, Secretary, MHRD and Minister of HRD and others)

2. If there is no response, then Go for fasting by few faculty members at IITM ingate on Aug. 16th, 2009. (Initially, it was decided to have it on on 15th august, but since it is our Independence day - it is has been rescheduled for 16th august.)

3. Other action plans will be decided after Aug. 16th, 2009.

The black badges will be prepared and sent to the dept. office /dept representatives on 5th august and all the faculty members interested in taking part in this activity are requested to wear them while doing any offical work.

In the meanwhile, since our basic intention is to get the 6PC implemented at the earliest, if there is any official final announcement on IIT payscales, we will have a meeting of the general body to discuss the about the pay scales announced for implementation and we will not resort to any of the action plans decided.

Siva said...


Dinesh said...

We are still waiting the Implementation of 6PC for AICTE affiliated Govt. colleges. A high resentment among the faculty of Govt.enginering colleges of punjab. So we request the MHRD to implement the 6PC as earliest. Faculty members ( Engg. Colleges of Punjab)

Dinesh said...

As there is high resentmetn among the faculty members of various engg. colleges of punjab and other states. So, we request the MHRD mister Hon'ble Sh. Sibbal to implement the pay scales as soon as possible.

Sumita said...

Sub.: Press release from Indian Institute of Technology Madras

The Government of India implemented the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission for Central Government employees in August 2008. However, even after more than a year, the pay scales for faculty serving in our internationally reputed institutions like IITs, IISc and IIMs still remain a distant dream. The IIT faculty are frustrated with the inordinate delay on the part of the Government to implement the 6th Pay Commission recommendations they are entitled to. The IIT faculty have always gone the extra mile in supporting various initiatives of the government including mentoring new IITs, launching new programmes, significantly expanding capacity, etc. Despite the faculty meeting these extra commitments and excelling in the regular academic programmes, the government seems unconcerned about implementing faculty pay-scale revisions.
The lack of a response from the MHRD to the requests from the All India IIT Faculty Federation (AIIITFF) for meetings or updates on the pay-scales has demoralized the IIT faculty. Due to this neglect, IIT faculty are being indirectly forced by the system to express their displeasure and make the authorities attend to this issue immediately. The AIIITFF resolved unanimously to express its anguish and protest by wearing black badges, applying for mass casual leave, etc. The IIT Madras Faculty Association has decided to wear black badges while on duty from 6th to 14th August. If the government continues to ignore this issue, the faculty will be forced to adopt other forceful, dignified forms of protest.
At all levels, the faculty of the IITs are required to have much higher academic credentials than those of other academic institutions. Over and above the higher credentials required at the entry level, the IIT faculty do not enjoy automatic promotions based on the number of years in service. Faculty members have to apply afresh for gaining higher positions and have to consistently demonstrate academic excellence through high quality research output in the form of regular publications in internationally reputed journals, undertaking cutting edge research projects, generation of intellectual property, graduate student guidance, etc., in addition to teaching loads. The average academic productivity of IIT faculty in terms of research output and top quality human resources development is comparable with that of other top-class academic institutions in the world. The present IIT pay scales are neither commensurate with the required qualifications nor enough to attract fresh talent even to the well established IITs. Hence, the government has been asked to continue to provide commensurate, higher pay scales to distinguish IIT Faculty. This could also be in terms of a special pay in addition to the corresponding scales.
The IIT Madras Faculty Association hopes that the government would instill confidence in this dedicated group with an early announcement of pay-scales along with an appropriate pay-package to minimize the huge disparity that exists between the pay scales of faculty members and their peer group in industry.

Sumita said...

Press Release of IIT Kharagpur Teachers’ Association

In protest against the apathy of the Ministry of HRD in implementing the 6th pay commission recommendation, both in delay and the pay-scale offered, as per the decision of All IIT Federation (enclosed), faculty members of all IITs throughout the country is protesting by wearing a black badge on the 6th August, 2009, Thursday.

IIT Kharagpur faculty also will take part in that protest on the 6th August 2009 sharing the sentiment that the efforts put in by the IIT faculty is grossly neglected and unappreciated by the Government.

The general situation in the IITs is already quite stressful. For, as per the policy of the Government of India on OBC reservations, the IITs accepted a large increase in student intake (54% in 3 years). However, for reasons not too difficult to imagine, it has not been possible for the institutions to build the infrastructure (hostel, classrooms, medical facilities, seating rooms for faculty, teaching laboratories) or to recruit faculty at the pace required. Consequently, students and their life in general are affected due cramped living space in hostel rooms. The faculty is also burdened as the teaching and evaluation load for faculty has greatly increased, but the faculty is struggling hard to maintain the IIT standard. Moreover, since the new IITs have to be mentored by the existing IITs, 8 new IITs set up by the Government have added additional burden on the workload of the faculty of the existing IITs. So far, in deference to national welfare the IIT faculty has borne this burden silently without protest.

The professional obligations which an IIT faculty has to routinely fulfill are many. In addition to teaching, IIT faculty has to guide research at undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph. D level. Teachers from other engineering colleges come here for Ph. D studies. Publication of quality books and papers, patents, innovation, maintaining competitive edge in research, developing new curriculum, conducting sponsored research, training and developing national human resources from other colleges, universities and industry, establishing foreign collaborations are some of the routine obligations of an IIT faculty. In addition, an IIT faculty also has to bear administrative and student-related duties. All of this is so far has been taken for granted and has not been duly acknowledged. Apart from refusing to give the credit for the hard work, a recent statement by the Minister of HRD has particularly undermined such effort. It attributed the exalted position of IITs only to the intake of bright students without acknowledging the contribution of IIT faculty in that process. This attitude of the Ministry of HRD is more clearly reflected by the fact that the 6th Pay commission is yet to be implemented for the IITs, when for other Central Government Employees the 6th Pay commission has already been implemented a year ago. There is speculation in the media that the salary package proposal does not distinguish between an IIT faculty and a teacher from any other Central Government Engineering Colleges. It is clear that IIT faculty is in for a raw deal from the Ministry of HRD and from the Government of India.

The IIT faculty feels insulted, demoralized and frustrated. Though they have been silently dutiful in the past, they feel that the time has come to draw the attention of the nation to their
contribution in the education of the country and in the nation-building process. The wearing of the black badge on 6th August is a token of registering their protest against the unfair treatment, and apathy.
IIT Kharagpur Teachers’ Association

Sumita said...

All India IIT Faculty Federation
Sub: MOM of AIIIT Faculty Federation meeting held on 24.07.09 in IITD.
No. AIIITFF/2009 /IITD-II Dated: August 01, 2009
Minutes of the All India IIT Faculty Federation (AIIITFF) meeting held on July 24,
2009 at 11:00 AM in the Committee Room of the IDDC, IITD.

At the outset, President; AIIITFF welcomed all the visiting executive members
from other IITs.
1. The All India IIT Faculty Federation expressed its deep sense of despair at the
apathy and insensitivity on the part of the Government towards the IIT
Faculty. The Federation unanimously resolved to express its anguish by
wearing a black band / badge on August 6, 2009 by all the faculty members
in all the IITs. The Federation also resolved to take recourse to other
expressions of protest such as Mass Casual Leave etc., if the Government
continues to ignore the plight of IIT faculty. The following press release was
adopted by the federation:
“The Government of India implemented the recommendations of the 6th Pay
Commission for Central Government employees in August 2008. The
government has also announced disbursement of additional DA to the new
scales in the interim period. However, for IIT faculty members, it still remains a
distant dream. Faculty members of all IITs are frustrated at the inordinate
delay on the part of the Government to declare the pay scales.
The All India IIT Faculty Federation in its meeting held on July 24, 2009 at IIT
Delhi expressed its deep sense of despair at the apathy and insensitivity on
the part of the Government towards the IIT Faculty. The Federation
unanimously resolved to express its anguish by wearing a black band /
badge on August 6, 2009 by all the faculty members in all the IITs. The
Federation also resolved to take recourse to other expressions of protest such
as Mass Casual Leave etc., if the Government continues to ignore the plight
of IIT faculty”.
2. The members expressed shock on the decision of the GOI for coolly dropping
the IITs from the list of institutes of excellence. It was decided to take up the
issue in an appropriate manner with the Ministry for the restoration of the
3. The members decided that all Faculty Forums / Associations will first discuss
the offer of the GOI in their respective GBMs and will pass on the views to the
AIIITFF for final discussion. The AIIITFF requests all members of the faculty to
accept the new payscales & perks only after they have been discussed by
the Federation.
4. The members expressed dismay on the statement of the Honorable Minister
of HRD appearing in the press that “IITs are known by the quality of students”.
The members decided to bring in “White paper” on the contributions of IIT
faculty in transforming these raw students into world class engineers and
scientists and bringing laurels through research and technology
developments. It is well known that gold won’t glitter without a proper polish
and best of the diamonds won’t have sparkle if not cut properly.
5. The members unanimously demanded the “Uniform selection criteria” for all
the IITs and it should be made available on the IIT website. The members felt
that the criteria must be strictly followed without aberrations. Members felt
that these aberrations result in lot of frustration and dilution of the academic
standards. The copy of the minutes will also be made available to the
Chairmen (BOG).
6. The AIIITFF requests the institutes to offer a last chance to all those faculty
members who would like to convert to GPF scheme.
7. The members also appreciated the gesture of the Director; IITD for addressing
and taking them as the institute guests.
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

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