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IIT, IIM Pay review report soon.

Fat pay packages may be in the offing for faculty of central technical educational institutions like IIT and IIMs as the pay review committee set up to recommend new scales for them will submit its report soon.
The committee, headed by former director of Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore, Prof Govardhan Mehta, is unlikely to recommend any change in the four-tier structure in the faculty in IITs.
“We are compiling the report.very soon, we will submit it to the ministry of HRD,” Mehta said.
“There is nothing wrong in the four-tier structure like Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professors. We are not in favour of change in this structure,” he said.
Mehta’s views comes as a contrast to the three-tier faculty structure adopted by the government for university and colleges. There is no lecturer post in the university and colleges.
“But the technical education system is different. IITs have their own system,” Mehta said.
He said the committee has already met five times to discuss the matter. Earlier, it had met the representatives of the central educational institutions like IITs, IIMs, NITs, IIITs and IISERs.
The committee has also got memorandum on the pay review from academicians and policy makers, he said.
The committee will also suggest revised salaries for physical education teachers and library staff in these institutions.
The committee is also studying the reports of Sixth Pay Commission and the Chadha committee on university and college teachers before finalising its recommendations.
The major issue before the committee is address the problem of retention of teachers and attracting more scholars to join teaching and research at these premier institutes.
There are many vacancies in teaching posts in the IITs and IIMs. The posts are lying vacant in view of unavailability of suitable persons for them.
The committee recommendations would be of vital importance as the government has decided to expand the technical institutions in a big way. The government has decided to set up eight IITs, seven IIMs, 20 IIITs and six NITs across the country. Some of these institutions have already started functioning from last year.
The IITs have made an estimate that they will need about 3,000 teachers in the next ten years to manage teaching and research activities.
The committee’s recommendations would benefit about 10,000 teachers and staff from these technical institutions.
source : Live Mint.


PREM said...


PREM said...

Mail sent to Kapil Sibal, Secretary, Addl. Secyand Jt. Secy, MHRD:
The new pay scales for Technical teachers including that of IITs/IIMs have so far not been 'declared' whileas for all the officials in MHRD these were declared on AUGUST 15, 2008. It is rather strange that even after 11 months of that there is no sign of pay scales for technical teachers.
The decision on scales for technical teachers after the blueprint available for Central Govt. employees from VI Pay Commission, was not a matter of more than 15 days over and above the VI PC. ( Anybody can see and compare the 6 PC and Mehta committee Reports and make it out !!). The work on the revised pay for tech teachers is going on (?) with such a pace that the snails and loaths are also happy to have an edge over MHRD officials. A strange 'secracy' is maintained over 'what is going on' (whether anything is going on is also doubtful) in the Ministry. Meetings after meetings and committees after commmittees - that may be the progress. In the meanwhile a false 'excuset' of general elections was taken to keep the things in cold bag. (State Govts one after the other and PSUs etc. all were announcing revised pay for their employees but for the technical teachers probably EC would have objected!! - was that a perception of MHRD?)

Sir the technical teachers are surprised to see the 'top secracy' being maintained by MHRD about their revised pay - may be a security threat to the country!!, lest Pakistan or China may come to know what India is going to pay to its technical teachers!.
Sir, MHRD deserves congratulations and needs commended for not able to do a job in 11 months time which could have been done (if there was a will to do) within 15 days ONLY.
These officials should be awarded with 'Padma' awards of various orders to those at various levels!!
Sir, I am sure they will come up with 100 excuses and 101 reasons to justify the unprecedented and hitherto unheard delay but fact remains that they were and are only 'sitting' over this issue for reasons best known to them.
We the technical teachers have come to understand that the officials and the Ministry of HRD neither can be questioned by anyone nor is answerable to anyone in this country.
- yours faithfully,
Dr. P P Bahuguna
President, ISMU Teachers Association,
ISM Dhanbad.

Zi said...

Can anyone tell the latest news on notification.

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