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The scheme of revision of pay scales, minimum qualifications for appointment,
other service conditions of University and College Teachers, Librarians and Directors of
Physical Education as a measure for the maintenance of standards in higher education.

The revised scales of pay, as decided by the Government of India, Ministry of
Human Resource Development (Department of Education) may be seen as
Appendix-I. The pay “fixation formula” developed by UGC based on the
MHRD notification is appended as Appendix-II (to be received from MHRD).
This fixation formula shall be adopted for teachers and equivalent positions in the
Library and Physical Education cadres in Universities and Colleges.


Pandit said...

this draft is doing injustice with NET/SET qualified candidate. the draft gives five advance increment and way for selecation to as assisatant professor to Ph.D holder; two advance increment to M.Phil holder and two advance increment for LL.M/M. Tech/M.V. Sc/M.D.
Are NET/SET qualified candidate not proved his capability? what mistake they have done?
sir actualy they have fallowed all the norms and draft gives no coment on it.
I want new draft will take the action about NET/SET holder and allot five advaced increment at the time of appointment and two advaced increment those who qualifie NET/SET in service.
NET/SET qualified candidate have compitative capacity; they are the young blood of india in teaching is your duty to increase them, motivate them they will build new india. they also have capacity to do M.Phil and Ph.D. and so on. if they complit it give another five and two advace increment for Ph.D. and M.Phil respectively at the time of selecation and three and one advace increment for Ph.D. and M.Phil respectively those who have complited in service.
sir if such is not hapan all young blood of india blem the UGC that the UGC is killer of knowledge as well as killer of compitator UGC dont want reform in teaching field. UGC dont want to inter young student in teaching fields. all the people siting in higher level are as like Drutrastra. and they are dining the copacity of young blood.
Dr. Pandit Chavan
Nanded Maharastra

Math said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Math said...

Please allow all the incumbent Lecturer (Sr. Scale), Reader and Lecturer (Selection Grade) to get the benefit of automatic fixation as per the recommendation made by MHRD in the AGP of Rs. 7000, Rs. 8000, Rs. 9000. These teachers have already faced the screening committee at the time of getting present position.
Srutinath Praharaj, Uttarpara, WB

abhigyan said...

Sir, the view forwarded by pandit holds reason.NET/SET candidates should also get the benefit of advance increment as given to Phd holders and Mphil candidates.The authority should ponder over the genuinity of the case.

subhash said...

The pay package for college/university teachers was duly screened and recommended by UGC before it was approved by MHRD. Any modification at this stage by UGC regarding the admissibility of different AGPs and introduction of new methodology and qualifications such as essentiality of PhD degree and points on the basis of arbitrarily worked out table retrospectively can not be justified by any yardstick and hence deserves to be dropped.

subhash said...

The pay package for the college/university teachers was duly examined and recommended by UGC before it was approved by MHRD and announcement to this effect was made in the Parliament where salient features of the package were also announced. Through draft notification UGC has tried to over rule the Parliament as well as cabinet by intoduction of point based assessment on the basis of arbitrary tailormade tables invented by UGC and essentiality of PhD for promotion as Associate Professor retrospectively which can not be justified by any yardstick and hence deserves to be dropped.

Lawrence said...

This draft has done complete justice. After getting a 1st class and with Ph.D spending 5 years with full dedication in the feild is more than sufficient. Mind it- in respect of professioanl coursed such as pharmacy degree holder/engineering degree holder,etc with second class are eligible for direct appointment as assistant professor (as per AICTE norms),without the need for NET/SET or any equivqlents, it is surprising to note that an M.A./ M.Sc degree holder even after getting a Ph.D is not considered suitable for lecturer post. Any way of late some justification is thought by UGC to consider Ph.D holder as eligibe candidaqte to join as a lecturer.

Rabindra said...

Why Ph. D has been made mandatory for Associate Prof. under CAS though the MHRD notification, Dec. 2008 says Ph. D. is mandatory for promotion to the post of Professor.The faculties who have been promoted as Reader/Lecturer(SG)and having no Ph.D on the date of promotion after Jan 2006 wiil not definitely get time to have the degree within 3 years of his/her promotion. As per earlier provision he had to get the degree within 7 years. Hence, it is suggested to exempt the Reader/Lecture(SG) to have the Ph. D gegree irrespective of their date of promotion while considering promotion to the post of Associate Prof. under CAS. However, they have to get the Ph.D degree before promoted to the post of Professor under CAS.

R K Kar
Asst. Professor,
IGIT, Sarang

Trinesha said...


I would like to know the criteria & justificatio for the increments to M.Phil/Ph.D candidates. Basically the told qualificatios are not at all considered to be the qualification for appointment of lecturer in University/Colleges. But on what justification increments have been structured. I think if the committee would have done the proposed increment plans based on the basic qualification such as NET/SET with the P.Phil/Ph.D candidates would be for getting the respective increments would hold good.

Firstly, The policy frameworker ( pay committee members )would be eligible to asses the pros & conces & the Acountability & Justification before doing such recomendation.

I think UGC should select the committee members by based on their experience & capability for framing such recommendations,So we can give justice to NET/SET candidates.

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