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Pay and promotional disparity in BSF compared to armed forces.

World's largest para-military organisation, Border Security Force (BSF) suffers from highest attrition for quite a while.
Experts cite reason like low promotional vaenue along with pay disparity in relation to their armed forces counterparts after the implementation of the Sixth pay commission report for the high attrition rate in the BSF. Every month at least 350-400 BSF jawans and officers seek premature retirement of which Rajasthan Frontier has not been far behind.

A BSF source said the Centre does not realise the challenges our jawans and officers face every day while protecting the 7,000 km long border adjoining Pakistan and Bangladesh. "During 30-35 years of career, a BSF person could manage to stay not more than a few days with his family and the promotional avenues in comparison to the army personnel, it has been frustrating for them," said a source.

According to an available data more than 900 jawans and officers from the Rajasthan Frontier alone left the job during October 1, 2008 to September 30 ,2009. The data released by BSF headquarters at New Delhi reads that in 2008 alone at least 4,400 people left the job while till June 2009, it has crossed 2,600 at the all-India level from the organisation. As the data reveals most of the personnel leave the job after completing 20 years in service just to take post retirement benefits while almost 40% of them leave the organisation well before 20 years of service on account of low wages, promotional avenues and tough living conditions and service conditions.

A retired director general BSF, M L Kumavat, accepted the fact of high attrition rate in the BSF but said "The trend has been arrested after the implementation of the pay commission report." Kumavat believes that not only the service conditions and pay disparity have not been the reasons for high attrition. "People leave the job as they get lucrative offers from the private sectors and also family pressures and responsibility plays its role," added Kumavat.

Kumavat accepted the fact that a constable in the BSF takes at least 20 years to be promoted to head constable while a similar rank in the Army needs 7-8 years to reach that level. Similarly, a second command officer in the BSF have not been included in the pay band 4 (P4) while his counterparts Lt colonel has been included.

Agrees P S Nayar, general secretary, All India Central Para Military Forces and Services Welfare Association, who said "The difference between the salary of a jawan in BSF and Army is of at least Rs 5,000 a month meanwhile the difference goes up to Rs 22,000 in case of higher ranks. This disparity does more harm than good so far moral of BSF is concerned."

Source : Times of India.


rocky said...
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rocky said...

There is no comparision between a Army Lt Col and a BSF 2I/C --- Please do not REPEAT do not go on shoulder rank badges ----- a Lt Col has always been equivalent to a para military commandant and continues to remain so. The only difference is that earlier the 2nd in command or the 2I/c was wearing a Ashoka as his shoulder rank badge and now a star has been added to it but this additional star does not bring him at par with the armt Lt Col who continues to command a unit in Army and their equivalent in Navy and Air Force, where as a 2I/c despite that additional star on the shoulder is still a 2nd in command.So please get your facts right.

gunjan said...


anonymus said...

Well Rocky is right there is no comparison between the Lt Col of Indian Army and a BSF Second in Command Dear rocky one should not be emotional while giving the view well for your information earlier there was no rank 2I/C in BSF DY Commandant Directly promoted to the rank of Commandant now most of the time a 2I/C in BSF commands the BN because the CO involve in Internal security duties and this total time is more than that of army's 2I/C now if later commands may be in peace posting somewhere 300 Km away from IB but the Command in BSF most of the remains in active border now if we look another aspect of finencial powers he exercise more than your worthy Lt Col now in a BSF bn only one 2I/C is there not three or four coomanding coys prior to correct the facts you must correct yours buddy this not the additional star its the responsibility buddy not to left the border unguarded even in below freezing temperature so dear one must come up with logical arguments not just for heck of it

mahesh said...

r rocky what you bout BSF, Its not due to the indian army but due to the BSF and other paramilitary forces you re sleeping without worry in the night at home,for your kind info that 55% of the Indian army which include the different regiments like Armoud, Arty, Army Air defence, is a burdern on the indian exchequer. they dont have anmy peace time roles, and is of no use ,if the defence forces were in the corporate sector, the companies have kicked the ass of all the employees of these regiments in the recession period. for your kind information 2nd in command is having more power than a Lt.col of the indian army.The personells of the BSF are doing more hard work than army. The indian army is ranking 3rd in the world , while BSF is the worlds largest paramilitary force, More over the lt.cols bout whom you are talking are selected through a selection process called as SSB which was discarded by U.S Army 25 years back, while a 2nd in cammand of Bsf is selected as Asstt Comdt by UPSC exams which is at par with civil services And more over you are right one should not compare the Rank of BSF with the Army because BSF is the Best in the world. its better you update your knowledge and then post a comment

krish said...

i totally agree wid Mr anonymous, its not the matter of comparison Mr. rocky...wen u r out of the field den why make comments by strikin ur keys while njoyin ur hot coffee, BSF is the only para-m force which has its own water, air n land strikin ability.. Lt. col of army is as administrative seat which has much of revenue on his head rather than combat on field... if there is comparision den le dem heve der dues 24x7x365 bsf looks for border counter terrorism is that wat army looks for 24x7x365??? no i think they only wave for the moment the war strucks n prepare demselves fr da situation... which by gud luk strikes for 1ce on decades.. n wat abt terrorism!! ny tym.. now this is wat 2 i/c is meant fr... as per u can u handle both revenue/paper works at the same time in border while sum ass hole punk is ready 2 blow ur ass!! it seems u mit get it.. same is in the case of police services as Additional DGP....

சதீஷ் செல்லதுரை said...

as a constable of bsf v need some basic rights like army....timely promotion,csd,rail reservation,speciality hospital,quota for govt jobs(after retirement,blood relation).its nt too much demands.v know about our duty.v r so hard than kashmir.. border & internal security duty like peace area... election duty like police,crpf,and also standing in border duty.hw many army personnel saw the border?once again remember the reason of BDR issue in bangaladesh.

vishal sharma said...

brother after krish well said,B.S.F is doing more duty than the army but no body's ok but let them give some facilities like c.s.d canteen,hospital facility ,pay equality,train reservation,and timely promotion according to their ranks.
according to my point of view
nation's border is mostly secured by B.S.F,election duty as well and internal security duty. They don't even have more rights.
in short words , it is just like total disparity in every facility given to B.S.F and army.The major problem is of family quarters .B.S.F had family quarters in their respective bn's but too far away from border appx.(150-200)kms.
let's hope that every thing will be all right and equal between army and B.S.F.jawans of B.S.F living a very rough and tough life during their duty time it's only welfare which can help somehow .

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