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New pay scales as per IXth Kerala Pay Commission Report.

Though the report is still not made public and we are yet to procure any copy of the same, viewers are eager to know the details, naturally. One of our esteemed viewer has provided new scales as per IXth Pay Commission Report Kerala. Thanks to Mr Neeharam.

New scales : 

1. 8500-230-9190-250-9940-270-11020-300-12220 

2. 8730-230-9190-250-9940-270-11020-300-12220-330-12550

3. 8960-230-9190-250-9940-270-11020-300-12220-330-13210 

4. 9190-250-9940-270-11020-300-12220-330-13540-360-14620

5. 9940-270-11020-300-12220-330-13540-360-14980-400-15380

6. 10480-270-11020-300-12220-330-13540-360-14980-400-16980-440-17420

7. 11620-300-12220-330-13540-360-14980-400-16980-440-18740

8. 13210-330-13540-360-14980-400-16980-440-18740-500-20740

9. 13900-360-14980-400-16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-22360

10. 14620-360-14980-400-16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-23480

11. 15380-400-16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-24040

12. 16180-400-16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140

13. 16980-440-18740-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29180

14. 18740-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-31,360 

15. 19240-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-32110

16. 20740-500-21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-32860-820-33680

17. 21240-560-24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-32860-820-34500


19. 24040-620-27140-680-29860-750-32860-820-36140

20. 29180-680-29860-750-32860-820-36140-900-40640



23. 40640-1000-48640-1100-54140

24. 42640-1000-48640-1100-55240

25. 44640-1000-48640-1100-56340

26. 46640-1000-48640-1100-57440-1200-58640


1. Basic Pay (pre revised scale)at the Option date u have chosen.
2. 64%of DA to be merged.
3. Fitment Benefit(10% of pre revised basic pay OR minimum of Rs.1000)
4. Total of 1+2+3
5. fix the stage in the revised scale
6. Service weightage : 0.5% for every year of service(suppose u have 6 year of service at the date of option,u have got 3% of revised basic pay as service weightage)
7. Total 5+6
8. fix the stage in the revised scale as u r Basic Pay at the option date.

**64%DA merged,remaining 14% continuing

(It may kindly be noted that the above information is not from any Govt. source. Viewers are requested to verify it with official publication as and when available.)


Jose said...

fitment benefit is 10% of the pre-rivised pay or minimum 1000/-..what is the maximum limit?basic pay is 12250/- can one get rs.1225/-as fitment benefit?

NEEHARAM said...
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NEEHARAM said...


IX th Pay Commission report will be published for the Public,after it submitted before the kerala legislative assembly on January will be published on govt.official portal.Watch it!(Source:MATHRUBHUMI DAILY 01-01-2011)

NEEHARAM said...
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NEEHARAM said...
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NEEHARAM said...


Fitment benefit is 10% of the pre-revised basicpay,minimum Rs.1000.
example:1)Basic Pay:7990
Fitment :min,ie,1000
2) Basic pay :12250
Fitment :1225

NEEHARAM said...

Main Recommendations in 9th Kerala Pay Revision Commission 2010 Report
Gratuity Amount increased from earlier Rs.3.30 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs.

According to 9th Salary Commission , More Pension will be made available to Pensioners who are older than 80.
From age 80 to 85 there will be 5 % increase in Pension
From age 85 to 90 there will be 10 % increase in Pension
From age 90 to 95 there will be 20 % increase in Pension
From age 95 to 100 there will be 50 % increase in Pension
Pension amount of all govt. employees will have an increase of 12%
Pensioners and Family Pensioners will get Rs.300 Medical allowance per month.
UGC Pensioners will get the pension amount as , Half the highest salary fixed in Kerala for similar posts.

Minimum Pension will be Rs.4500. Earlier this was Rs.2520 only.

Minimum Salary of Govt. Employees increased to Rs.8500. Master Scale is Rs.8500 to Rs.59840.
Salary Scales increased from 24 to 27.

Eye Glass Allowance Increased to Rs.1000 for every 10 years.
Organising the salary Scales of Employees of all 7 universities in Kerala. If salary after organising is lesser than previous salary , then those employees will continue to receive the additional amount as personal salary.

Salary scales of University staffs from Assistant to Registrar has been revised to similar salary scales in Secretariat.
Part Time Employees in Government will be getting monthly pay based on 3 new Salary scales.
Higher Grades allotted on years like 8th , 15th , 22nd , 27th. This will benefit 2nd , 3rd , 4th Grade Employees.
Hike in Salary and allowances of Last Grade Employees up to Rs.1662.
Risk Allowance will be granted to all qualifying employees.
Special Corpus Fund for treatment of employees who are affected by diseases like cancer.
The new changes will be applicable from 1st July 2009
Smallest increment as per this Report is Rs.1104
Higher Grades for Teachers
More Benefits for Engineers
Ratio Promotions will be implemented in many departments

40 to 50% Increase in Allowances
City Compensatory Allowance will increased to double the current amount
House rent allowance HRA will be increased by 40%
Travel Allowance will be increased
Daily Allowance will be increased
Pension for Personal Staffs ( Minimum 3 years service) of High Court Judges. With the retirement of judges , the personal staffs will also get retirement.
Promotions in Government service should be based on Performance and Qualification along with Seniority
There will be special training classes for improving the behavior of Government employees towards citizens of Kerala.

The Pay Revision Commission said that the Govt.employees are Public servants and they should not behave rudely to people and ask for bribes.

sanil said...

i was appointed as HSST (Senior) wef 07/07/2010. I have 10 years of total service as HSA & HSST (Jr.) . Do i have the eligibility for service weightage (10* .5= 5%)?

രാജു said...
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രാജു said...
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രാജു said...

Pay Commission report is available in my site link

NEEHARAM said...


nandakumar said...

Do you have the documents of the revised payscale for the Co-operative banks?

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