Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bank Pension cleared by MOF.SBI Board approves pay hike for workmen/staff, issued circular. Manipur College teachers demand revised pay.

News Flash : Pension Agreement cleared by MOF.
It is informed that the Hon'ble Finance Minister has since cleared the Pension Agreement between IBA and the constituent Units of UFBU.  The Govt. advice to IBA in this regard is being communicated today.  The Banks will take steps to implement the agreement like issue of  OPTION LETTERS etc on receipt of direction from IBA.
SBI Board approved Pay Hike.
SBI has issued detailed circular to implement wage revision for workmen/substaff. Following is part of the circular. The full circular and revised pay chart may be downloaded from the link provided below.

"The 9th Bipartite Settlement on salary revision for workmen staff has been signed with the representatives of the All India Bank Employees' Association (AIBEA), National Confederation of
Bank Employees (NCBE), Bank employees Federation of India (BEFI), Indian National Bank Employees' Federation of India (INBEF) and National Organisation of Bank Workers (NOBW) on the 27th April 2010. We are also advised by the IBA that benefits and obligations in terms of the Settlement will have to be extended by member banks to all employees irrespective of their union

Revised Pay Chart for workmen/substaff

SBI Pay Circular

Manipur College teachers demand revised pay.
Setting an ultimatum to implement UGC's revised pay scale in the 28 Government colleges of Manipur by July 3, the Federation of College Teachers Association has threatened to take recourse various form agitation from July 5 .

The federation has submitted copies of an ultimatum towards this end to the Chief Minister and the Education Minister today.

Later addressing a press meet at Manipur Press Club here, convenor of the federation M Lokendro said that pay scales of Government employees are revised every 10 years all over the country.

This time too, most of the States have revised pay scales of their employees in line with the recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission. The State Govt issued a notification regarding implementation of 6th Pay Commission for general employees on May 5 .

However, college teachers were conspicuously left out from the pay revision, Lokendro decried.

For the last 37 years, the State Cabinet has been adopting one decision or another against implementation of UGC schemes and UGC pay scales.

There was no point in adopting any decision by the State Government for UGC pay scales were provided by the UGC, he asserted.

Recalling that the Finance Dept issued a budget circular on May 11 asking all departments to furnish budget estimates for 2010-11 by May 31 last, the convenor disclosed that Higher Education Dept was still unable to submit its budget estimate as no revised pay structure was available.

The Centre should provide 80 per cent of the additional amount that would be required for paying UGC's revised pay scale starting from January 1, 2006 till March 31 this year.

The State Government should produce only 20 per cent.

It would be beneficial to the State Government to take the assured amount of 80 per cent from the Ministry of Human Resource Development so that some crores of rupees are deposited in the balance account of the State before time lapses.

Since February last year, teachers of the 28 Government colleges of Manipur have been demanding implementation of the UGC's revised pay scale and extension of service period for teachers to 65 years.

However, there has been no positive response from the Government till date, Lokendro lamented.

The demand for extension of service period to 65 years of age was not any whimsical demand.

It was one provision included in the Revised UGC Pay Scale to the College Teachers and Age of Superannuation as per revised scheme, claimed president of the federation Dr Kh Manihar.

While the teachers have been restraining themselves from taking recourse to any intense agitation in the interest of students, the Govt has been paying little attention to the grievances of teachers.

Dr Manihar also appealed to the Govt to shed its non-responsive attitude towards teachers.
Source : EPao


Anonymous said...

很用心的部落格 祝你人氣百分百 期待您的新文章.................................................................

Bubble said...

Its great to here such news... Thanks

kaberi said...

What's the logic behind claiming 56% interest from the retired/took VR PF optees on Bank's ontribution to PF plus interest thereon? The pension optees of both class is getting pension from the month next to retirement.
It's true that such persons have earned interest on the amount but the the Banks have made a good profit as pesion is not paid from the date of VR.
Again,recovery of 2.8 times of pay of November '07 is a cheating.

chandan said...

NPS is to be implemented in SBI for new recruitees soon. Agreement likely to be signed along with SBI Package i.e 3rd SCA on distribution of 297 crores, earmarked for SBI employees/ officers from 2nd pension option of industry. News are coming 11000 Clerical final result is not out keeping an eye on implementation of NPS,


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