Monday, June 14, 2010


No./1452/190/10                                                             12.06.2010
The Chairman,
The Indian Banks’ Association,
World Trade Centre,
MUMBAI – 400 020.

Dear Sir,

          We thank you for the comprehensive guidelines issued in regard to implementation of the 9th Bipartite Settlement in respect of the Officers in the Banking Industry. During the course of our discussions, we requested IBA officials, to offer certain clarifications in respect of fitment on promotion from clerical to officers’ cadre and promotions within the officers’ cadre.

2.       The issue of the fitment in respect of promotions from Clerical to Officers’ cadre is a subject matter which has to be discussed between the Officers’ organisations and the Managements of each bank at the bank level on the basis of the guidelines issued by the IBA.  These guidelines are issued in consultation with the Confederation from time to time.  We therefore request you to kindly issue appropriate clarifications on the fitment in respect of Promotions as mentioned above covering the following areas:-

a)     The Workmen Staff promoted from Clerical grade to the Officers’ Grade should be given fitment based on their basic pay exclusive of all other components of pay such as the FPP, PQP, Graduation increments etc and adding the same after fitment in officers’ scale. If a clerical employee, passes CAIIB part I or Part II after reaching maximum in clerical scale and thereafter gets promoted to the officers’ grade, the promotee officer shall be first fitted into the officers’ scale as per the Fitment formula and thereafter shall be granted one or two increments as the case may be in the officers’ scale for passing CAIIB Part I/Part II. The exercise will avoid the inter-se anomalies. 
b)     In so far as the FPP is concerned, the joint note states that it shall remain frozen for the entire service irrespective of whether the officer concerned is promoted to the next higher scale or otherwise. However after the 8th bipartite settlement, at our instance, a clarification was issued by IBA to the effect that if an officer is promoted from one scale to another after reaching the maximum in the previous scale and receiving the FPP the frozen FPP shall continue to be paid till the officer reaches the maximum in the revised scale and completes one year. Thereafter the FPP would be revised as applicable to the revised scale. We request you to reiterate the above clarification to enable the officers to get proper fitment of FPP in the payment of salary arrears.

3.       There are other residual issues as well.  We seek a separate meeting to discuss all those issues.  As the above issues were discussed informally and there was a concurrence on the suggestions made by us, we seek your immediate clarification to enable our members to get the full benefit of the salary revision.
4.       Please treat the matter as urgent.

Thanking you,
  Yours faithfully,


Source : AIBOC


rishikesh said...

aise letter mat dikhaya karo sir.
lakhon log roj letter likhate hain.
jab kuchh mil jaye to batana ki ye aapke letter ka kamal hai.

aap ek neta ho aapka letter bar bar raddi ki tokri me chala jai,
to ye kisko achha lagega.

Vasu said...

I would request Mr.Nadaf, to pursue with the authorities concerned for early implementation of second option for pension also. By the way, can any one throw light on when the guidelines would be issued in this regard. There seems to be no word from leaders. Would they apprise us of the present status. Vasudevan

Shridhar said...

Really what is going on dont know 50 days over after signing the settlement still no clearance from Govt for implementation.What is wrong or is there any HITCH KITCH IN SETTLEMENT so that Govt is studying it or what?Why our leaders are so silent in the matter on the day of settlement leaders said Govt is also very hurry to implement it then what happened.Leaders says wait for some more days for completion some formalities in pension issue then tell us to wait for another 150 days.Hence request to pursue with Govt for early implementation of pension issue.

SHANKAR said...

Pension agreement between IBA and UFBU cleared by Government(FM)-See AIBOA website

Shridhar said...

So Govt has given clearance for 2nd option pension now let the process start at once as IBA has already asked the bankers be ready so i think banks have already made the preparation as option letters ect so as to issue the circular at once as soon as iba informs them so that retirees can get pension at least after 120 days from to-day as 60 days for option then 30 days to refund pf and then 30 days to get pension so total 120 i request to press the bankers to start process at once.

alok said...

i want to know that fpp of clerical cadre will be continued to be able on promotion to scale-1.
In my case , i promoted to scale- I in 2001 but could not be given the fpp of clerical cadre.

pl advise

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