Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Now, University staff seek parity

Officers of over 30 Central and state university across India, including Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia, staged a dharna at Jantar Mantar on Tuesday. The dharna was followed by a protest march to parliament, demanding parity in pay package with that of university teachers. 

Under the aegis of the All-India Federation of University Officers' Association (AIFUOA), the officers, including registrar, finance officer, controller of examinations, deputy registrar, assistant registrar, and research officer, among others, protested the non-inclusion of the non-teaching staff in the pay revision of the 6th Pay Commission. 

"UGC being a regulatory body to maintain academic quality in 1998 made regulations for service condition of teachers, registrar, librarians, director of physical education. In the present pay review report, they kept everyone, except the cadre of registrars, within the university system. Examinations are an integral part of the teaching and learning process. So how can UGC put registrars out of the university system?" said M A Sikandar, deputy registrar, DU. 

"Since 1984, this parity has been given to us and this is the first time we have not been included in this pay revision," said S K Mishra, president, JNU Officers Association. 

Giving a political twist to the agitation were six MPs who participated in the march. Brinda Karat, Basudev Acharya, Barun Mukherjee, Basudev Barman and Aziz Basha, Banshogopa Choudhury showed their solidarity at the march. 

Karat lashed out at the MHRD for its discriminating attitude towards the cadre of academic officers like registrar and controller of examination. She said: "These positions are an integral part of any university system not only in India, but across the globe. So any attempt to disturb the parity being enjoyed by these categories of academic officers would put the cause of higher education in jeopardy." 


PREM said...

Now the registrarial staff, then technical staff, then supporting staff, then clerical staff, then 'D' group staff, and then sanitation and horticulture staff, then the university security staff, and go on the staff and staff, every body should now ask for parity with the teachers!!! They forget that a simple graduate in general Arts subject can also become a Registrar but for becoming a University Teacher, one has work vwry hard to do 2 years graduation + 3 to 4 years Ph.D and has to face an all India interview and the competition is much much tougher than any other staff in the University system. So there should not be any question 'parity' with much more qualified person like a university Professors otherwise the whole purpose of higher pay to teachers will be lost. Teachers are being given higher salaries because there is a dearth of teachers in Universities. Why to give same scales to everybody like registrars etc., doing almost clerical duties like in any office. They have got sufficient raise as per the 6th Pay commission. Country's resources are not for doling out money to everybody in the Universities.

bulund said...

I agree with Prem. Why should everybody 'seek parity' with the University Teachers? Others are not doing any teaching works so they are like Govt. employees doing office duty and they should also be satisfied with what they got in 6CPC like their brethren in Govt. of India. Are the registrars and other University non-teaching staff doing any superior work than their IAS counterparts? These days it has become afashion to ask for what others are getting without thinking about the difference in the duties and contributions of each. Govt. should strictly turn down their request and if they go on strike new recruitments should be made. There are so many 'general' degree holders unemploed in this country who will be ready and very happy to join on the new salaries.
If such demands are looked into, there will be no end to the chain reaction and the very purpose of higher 'academic grade pay' for university teachers which has been delibratly differentiated by the Govt. against the 'grade pay' for other employees.
Govt. should not throw the public money like that.I am going to write to MHRD regarding this.

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