Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Expected D.A. for bank employees in August 2011

Only nominal increase of 4 slabs ?

DA for Bank Employees are calculated based on average Consumer Price Index Numbers (Base 1960=100) for the months of April, May and June 2011.
CPI(IW) for the months of April and May have already been released by Labour Bureau,Govt of India.Confirmed CPI(IW) figure is 186 and 187 for April and May respectively.Exact increase of DA cannot be worked out based only on past two months figures.
However assuming that the index figure of June may be at same level of May ie. At 187 points it can be expected that there will be only nominal increase of 4 slabs in August '11 to take the DA figure to 53.40% from existing 52.80%
Considering the past few months movement of CPI figures, in spite of recent hike in fuel prices etc chance for increase of 2-3 points is remote ,and enen then the same may add about 2% only.
View the calculation.

(Base 2001=100) (Base 1960=100)
April 186 4245.61
May 187 4268.44
June 187( Not confirmed) 4268.44

Average 4260.83
Less Merged point 2836
= 1424.83
Slab 356
Increase 4 slabs (from 352)
@ 53.40%
It is only assumption, Kindly keep in mind.
Submitted by one of our old good friend, Mr. Mohan P, \


sujit said...


kamlesh kumar meena said...

in central govt. employees 7 %
and bank employees bellow 1%
what this think

Administrator said...

Probably the difference is due to the frequency of increase. bank d.a. is calculated on every three months while central d.a. after long six months. it may cause the difference n calculation of average.

SURESH said...

it is ridiculous considering the hike in fuel prices. hope in the month of june the CPI may be higher than expected that is around 15-20 slabs



Estimated central govt employee d.a. From july 2011 is 7% and bank d.a. Last three month increase 2.85% and bank d.a. From august 2011(7-2.85=4.15.d.a. Last three month increase 2.85% and bank d.a. From august 2011(7-2.85=4.15.


I think it is a crusial time for estimated d.a.calculation india's most trusted site almost zero and fail to provide a probable idea.ation india's most trusted site almost zero and fail to provide a probable idea.

raamraam said...

Is there any mechanism to check/counter check th ese data?

mayur patel-SGB said...

what i m heared
only 4 slabs likely to increase
it's not fare

Dhansay Ram Nagesia said...

dear bankers inspite of being cheated for last few years you have not given up your dedication towards the betterment of banking industry so pick up at least 4 slabs da increase from august 2011


No One agree in banking industry with 4 slab.just wait two night it increase ......and stand 56....% from august,sep,oct 2011

Sangeet said...

Why Base Year for calculatuion is still 1960? Stupid Unions......

Unknown said...

frnds 8 slabs more da 54% from aug 11

sujit said...


rajeev said...

now a days a bank employee in PSU bank is the least paid job in india what the stupid unions are doing. we shuold think over it and protest for it, every employee has to work late hours in the eveaning but gets nothing.

dev said...

i m agree with tha same.....working pressure is more ............less paid jobs

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