Thursday, July 14, 2011

B Ed must for Bengal teachers

Candidates without degree to be allowed to sit for SSC with 2-year window 
The state government has made BEd compulsory for teachers of secondary and higher-secondary schools but offered a two-year window from the day of joining to new recruits without the degree.
The announcement was made today in accordance with the provisions of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009, and will come into effect from this year.
Although the government will allow those without BEd to appear for the West Bengal School Service Commission (SSC) test, “those with the degree will be given priority in selection”, said school education secretary Vikram Sen.
“Those without the degree will be appointed only if there are vacancies after accommodating those who have done BEd,” Sen added.
Recruits without BEd will have to secure the degree through distance learning within two years of the date of joining, the official said.
Those teachers who have joined between March 31, 2001, and 2011 will be given time till 2015 to complete BEd. The relaxation is in keeping with the provisions of the RTE act. The BEd degree will not be compulsory for teachers who had joined before 2001.
A government notification will be issued soon.
Till now, the degree was not a must but candidates with BEd were awarded three grace marks in the SSC exam.
After the formulation of the RTE act in 2009, the Centre had directed all state governments to make the BEd degree mandatory for all schoolteachers from 2010. But the Left government in Bengal had appealed to the Union human resource development ministry for a more flexible approach on the ground that not many candidates knew about the new rule. The state government had also said the number of BEd-qualified candidates was less than the vacancies in the state-run and state-aided schools.
The Centre had permitted the Left government to put the decision on hold for a year. Sources said the previous government had deferred the implementation of the rule “also because it did not want to initiate any move that could make it further unpopular before the Assembly elections”.
The headmaster of a Madhyamik school said 39,000 teachers would be recruited through the SSC this year.
Although the RTE act does not mention if BEd is compulsory for those teaching in higher-secondary schools, the state government has decided to make it mandatory at this level for now. But the government plans to waive the criterion for the higher-secondary teachers after “seeking the opinion of the Centre”, said a school education department official.
School education secretary Sen said recruitment may also be made from among those who clear the Teachers’ Eligibility Test planned by the Centre-run National Council for Teachers’ Education (NCTE).
However, only those NCTE candidates who score a minimum of 50 per cent will be eligible for the BEd degree.
Source : The Telegraph.


Jyoti said...

My joining date is 05.10.2009 and on 2011 my two years will be completed but i don't have the B.ed degree. So, am i be able to do B.ed on the next session as a deputed candidate or i have to do it in distance mode, according to the new rule? plz help

Rohit said...

Look no clear directives have yet been released via A Govt. order so let's wait for sometime and let Circular Roll out from the D.I office ... don't panic a lot of teachers are awaiting .... :D

Suman said...

As per Govt. privious Rule A permanent teacher without B Ed degree may get 4 yearly increment of Basic pay.After that his/her increment will stopped upto tenth years of his/her job. privious Left Govt was issued a circular that upto 2012 increment will not be stopped of those non Bed teachers having job upto 7 year.But what will be the rule about those non Bed teachers who joined in 2008 and already get 4 yearly increment ? Govt should have cleared about this concern.From Suman.

J.Santra. said...

My opinion to the Govt.
Don't do the extension for non trained teachers to achieve the B.Ed degree.
I think, stop the procedure which is 'stop increment' after 4 years of joining.


kono matha mundu nei,jara in service teacher tader keno 2009 er aage 50% marks dekha hobe.pagal.sab theke baje holo education sachib. sudhu tel mara party. in service teacher ra jara 2009 er join korechhe tader jadi 50%marks na thake tahole tara kotha theke b ed korbe? distance a sit limited. regular a 50 chai. tahole era ki chhatai hoye jabe? jara chhatai hoye jabe tara sara jiban education sachib er barite khawa dawa korbe. 30000 teacher sachiber barite thakbe. sab ki ganja kheye rule gulo kore. je teacher 2005 a niyog hoyechhe tar jadi 50 % marks na thake tahole se kotha theke b ed korbe? karon aage niyom chhilo siniority r vittite b ed chance pabe. je bachhar o peto sei bachhar e 50% hoye gelo. ignou te nebe 100 jan aar admission test dichchhe 6000 jan teacher. tahole korbe kothatheke? baaller ncte. oder ki ekhono beroyni?

malancharhs said...

Ihave joined on Th Feb 2004.having only 40% marks on b. Sc.competing with all the higher marks students and b ed candidates. in gen category i made Th rank out of 126 vacancies in northern region.for lac of experience i couldn't get a birth for bed admission till 2009 for that was the only criteria for admission to bed for deputed candidates.but afterward when i secured the required experience the n.c.t.e rule is applied. though the required marks for reserved candidate has been dropped to 455 and then afterward it is 40% but nothing has been done for the gen cat. question is where in the ncte rule it is said to reduced to 40% marks for reserved category candidates is said.why the govt. not making any mechanism to train all the in service teacher to be trained.if it is not necessary for a I,A,S/I.P.S/W.B.C.S or any other top grade service to have cut of percentage then whose brain child it is to fix a percentage for teacher the policy maker believe that a good student is a good teacher?i know that A GOOD STUDENT NEED NOT BE A GOOD TEACHER.please share your view and make a strong public opinion against it.
mail me

Anonymous said...


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