Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update on Central D.A. from July 2011 based on latest AICPIN of May 2011

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 7% D.A. almost certain.
All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the month of May, 2011 increased by 1 point and stood at 187.
Calculating the last 12 months average it is almost certain that Central employees are likely to get 7 % Dearness Allowance with effect from 1st July 2011.
It may only decrease to 6% if the AICPIN is dramatically reduced to 180 and can only increase to 8% if the number shot up to 195 for June 2011. (As possibilities of both the situations are very remote, we can safely predict that D.A. will be 7% and will amount to 58% with effect from July 2011.)
The index no. for Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr 2011 was 188, 185, 185 and 186 respectively.


Dinesh Chowbey said...

What will be the likely DA increase
from 1st August 2011 for employees
of bank and retirees from Banks.My
name is Dinesh Chowbey retired from PNB

Dinesh Chowbey said...

The figure of 4 slabs increase in DA is not the real neutalization of soring prices .We go on paying for high prices for domestic consumtion items without getting proper neutalisation for5 same.My analytical mind says there is some flaw in either calculation or the price neutralisation that we get in form of DA increse is almost negligible

Dinesh Chowbey said...

I feel that meagre increase3 of 4 slabs is not a appropriate neutralisation of increased prices during last three months .Whereas according to government itself inflation has mounted beyond 9.4%.Still a4 slab increase is nothing almost negligible

PRANAY said...

Total D.A. increase for bank employee during the particular year should be at least equal to central government employee if not more . Pranay Kumar Jha.

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