Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outcome or the Anomaly Committee Meeting on 15.02.11 : A Big Zero.

"The third meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was  held on 15/02/2011. The following items were taken up for discussion.  No final decision on any item could be arrived at.  It was more or less an exercise to understand the points of view of both sides on these items. We shall in our next communication indicate the outcome of discussion on each item.
View Itemwise Discussions {Courtesy : AIRF India.} 

During the discussion the Staff brought to the notice of the official side that the issues pertaining to the employees of Andaman  and Nicobar islands, which were taken out of the agenda on the plea that the same would be discussed separately by a Committee to be set up by the Andaman Administration have not been settled.  The NGO Association of A & N Islands have brought to the notice of the staff side that the A & N Administration has not taken any steps to resolve the problems even though similar issues pertaining  to the employees of Pondicherry and Delhi were settled.  The Official side has promised to take up the issue with the concerned in the Home Ministry to ensure that the issues are addressed expeditiously.

                The official side has in the Action Taken State has indicated their inability to concede the demand raised by the Staff Side on the following two issues.

(a)    Grant of increment in the case of employees whose increment falls between Feb and June. 2006.
(b)   Fixing the pay of the promotees on par with the Direct recruits.

Though these issues were not discussed, the Staff Side has said that a resolution to them are urgently needed . 
 The official side has requested the Staff Side to indicate the items on which further discussions are needed; further details are required; and alternative suggestions could be made  within 10 days so that the next and final meeting of the Committee could be convened before 31st March, 2011.  It was also decided that the sub-committee of the MACP related issued will meet once again and their report submitted to the NAC . 

Source : Confederation of Central Govt. Employees.


spppeakar said...

The implementation of sixth pay commission to Assistant Professors in IIM/IITs went in wrong way. All the directors assured to all faculty association that fitment table available on September, 2009 was a temporary one. The final one never came from Ministry of HRD or BoG of IITs where AUTONOMY sounds well at all time. Some faculties joined in IITs with 3 to 8 years experiences with minimum 2 increments at that time but where as some faculties joined as fresh with minimum scale 12000 without any experiences.
After the implementation of sixth pay, the person with 8 years experiences and the new faculty without any experiences are getting same salary !!!

Other fact is that some faculty joined in 2008/2009 has 2/3 increments during the recruitment during 2008. Their increments have no value. But the BoG of IIM/IIT appointed new faculties in 2010 are given 2/3 increments based on their increments. That means with same experiences if you joined in late 2009 in IIM/IIT, you are loosing your increments where the later recruits are benefited in 2010 as they joined after the sixth pay implementation. Thats means with more experiences, you are paid less due to anomaly in the pay fixation. This has to be settled carefully by taking all experiences of faculties after Ph.D. or retain their increments those have joined after 1.1.2006.

AMIT said...

I am a T.G.T. IN the Directorate of Education of Govt of NCT OF DELHI. My date of joining is 01.07.2002. on 31.12.2005 my basic salary was Rs 6025. on 01.01.06 my salary was fixed as 15810 according to the recommendations of 6th pay commission. However a T.G.T WHO is directly recruited or promoted on or after 01.01.06 is getting entry pay level of RS 17140. I am also a directly recruited T.G.T. I should also get at least the basic pay of Rs 17140 on 01.01.06. Infact my juniors are getting more pay than I am getting. my some friends who were promoted from P.R.T to T.G.T. after 01.01.06 and were getting lesser salary than I was getting before implementation of recommendations of 6th pay commission are now getting more salary than I am getting. This is gross violation of Fundamental Right of Equal Pay for Equal work. Moreover this is also against the time tested rule that junior can't draw more salary than the senior. What should I do?

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