Monday, August 16, 2010

All parties unite on huge hike for MPs , Cabinet likely to give nod today.

Do our MPs deserve a pay hike? The people of India may feel strongly on the issue, but the Union Cabinet is likely to clear it on Monday. Not surprisingly, there is an all-party consensus demanding that lawmakers be given a salary on par with secretaries to the government of India......


MPs currently get Rs 16,000 per month as salary while a secretary to the government gets Rs 80,000 a month. The proposal is to hike MPs’ salary to Rs 50,000. Lawmakers have pointed out that they are listed 21st on the warrant of precedence while secretaries come in at 23rd. 

“When a secretary gets Rs 80,000 a month, it is not justified to have Rs 16,000 as an MP’s monthly salary,” a parliamentarian who did not want to be named, said. 

Sources indicated that given the enormous pressure from MPs, the figure may be increased to Rs 60,000. The government plans to move a bill to hike MPs’ salaries in Parliament this week. 

The issue has been pending since May 2006 when the second joint committee to look into MPs’ salary was set up. The generous 6th Pay Commission hike, adopted by most state governments, added to the disquiet among MPs. However, there are lingering questions whether the work done by MPs justifies this kind of salary. 

The recommendation was made by a committee led by Charandas Mahant, a Congress MP from Chhattisgarh. The panel included MPs people from various parties, like V Maitreyan of AIADMK, S S Ahluwalia of BJP, Rajiv Shukla of Congress and Ramgopal Yadav of SP. 

The recommendation to hike the salary was made taking into account consumer price index and the wage index for skilled urban labour. Apart from the base salary, an MP gets a daily allowance of Rs 1,000 for each day when Parliament is in session or a sitting of a House committee is scheduled. A member is entitled for constituency allowance of Rs 20,000 per month and office expense allowance of another Rs 20,000 per month. Every MP can avail 34 single air journeys during a year with spouse or any number of companions or relatives. One free non-transferable AC first class pass is also available, along with spouse, which entitled him to travel at any time by any train in India; 

MPs are entitled to rent-fee free flat or hostel accommodation throughout their term of office. If allotted a bungalow, he MP has to pay a nominal rent.

Source : Times of India

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Anonymous said...

Suppose there is a body like Bank union to Negotiate the Salary of MPs.The result will be like this

1.There will be at least 50 meetings at various locations
2.Living and other cost will not be taken in to account
3.Inflation will not be a factor

After 51st meeting the Leader will agree for historic settlement which will bring the MPs at par with a Central Govt LDC.

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