Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bank Pay Hike Update : Details of Meeting with IBA on 28th Dec.

As scheduled a meeting was held with the workmen unions to negotiate the wage revision. A lot of things were discussed but nothing has been finalized as the IBA Core Commitee headed by Mr Jagdish Pai, E.D., Canara Bank wanted to discuss the matter with the higher authorities before reacting to the unions.

Here is the full text of the meeting as available in the AIBEA website.

Further to the discussions held between the IBA and the Unions on 9 & 10th December, 2009 another round of bipartite discussions took place today at Mumbai between IBA and AIBEA / NCBE / BEFI / INBEF / NOBW. IBA was represented by their Core Committee headed by Mr. Jagdish Pai (ED, Canara Bank). All the 5 workmen unions were represented in the talks.

In today’s meeting, discussions continued on construction of pay scale, revision of special pay, allocation of cost of various items, cost of retirement benefits etc. From the unions’ side, we have emphasized that maximum possible cost to be allocated for construction of revised basic pay. Various suggestions and proposals were discussed in the meeting. However, the discussions have remained inconclusive since on some of the issues, the IBA team wanted to discuss the matter with the higher authorities before reacting to the unions.

It was decided to continue the discussions on the next round of talks for which dates will be fixed up shortly."


Unknown said...


Will you kindly answer to my following questions:-

1.If we had to accept wage rise of 17.5% and house rent 8.5% and so on what was the need for so much of high demand on all items in our charter of demand like 50% rise in salary and 30% HR and negotiating on such demands for 2/3 years, when the achievements are nowhere near the demands?.This has resulted in frustration for all in general and distress to the pensioners as you are prepared to accept prospective rise in pension for 9BPS retirees.

2.Is it legal to settle pension matters by UFBU or other unions as they(retirees) cease to be member of such unions on their superannuation etc.?. Therefore,in the fitness of things the respective prevalent pension rules should be the guiding factor.Please clarify leaders why
wage arrears is retrospective while pension is prospective? Why not the reverse?

3.While the gratuity ceiling fixation is in the purview of the employers ( in our case respective managements) why are we waiting for the union govt. to enhance the ceiling?

workplace bullying said...

Govindo Gavindo Govindo

vatsan said...

the next round of talks for which dates will be fixed up shortly."
There is no relativity theory in this aspect. The IBA is cheating UFBU every now and then.Ultimately it is like UFBU UFBU GO AWAY COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY MIGHTY IBA WANTS TO PLAY

Unknown said...

Dear Vatsan

Let us not be in a hurry. Having waited for a long period why don't you wait for another 60 days (max).
It will happen before the end of Feb 2010. Almost all previous settlements are happening like this. This is not a new thing. Be patient.

vatsan said...

dear Sri Parameswarn,

Thanks for your reply. But unfortunately history speaks in a different tone.
an MoU was signed on 25-2-2008 ( copy enclosed) covering the important demands of the UFBU. Based on the MoU, UFBU withdrew all agitational programmes and strike actions and restored normalcy.
what it is meaning of this MOU. , gone to dustbin.
As an employee the UFBU with all the committee members are cheating us thro' the word MOU
I am not carried away by the understanding reached. Let us think about the reality.

vatsan said...

next meeting with iba at 10 am at mumbai on 05012010. it is authenticated news

vatsan said...

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
--Albert Einstein
this is what iba and ufbu is doing

chandan said...


Labour Bureau Government of India declared a six point rise in Agriculture Labourer's price index for the month of Dec-2009. Basing on this Two point rise is expected on CPI for Industrial Workers,to be declared on 29th Jan-2010 for the month of Dec 2009.So the average for the quarter of Oct-Dec 2009 will be 167.66 and will result 34 slab or 6%+ increase on Bank DA for Feb.In worst case also,it can't go below the 32 slabs.

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