Friday, December 7, 2012

WB to introduce General Transfer for school teachers

Transfer by choice in Govt. Aided Schools in West Bengal
Reasons to cheer for Bengal teachers ! The state Govt. is going to introduce transfer by choice for nearly 1 lakh 80 thousand teachers in aided schools. It has earlier implemented mutual transfer and about 11,000 teachers were benefited by that earlier move. But it was not very easy for the teachers to find out willing candidate for mutual transfer. To overcome this difficulty Govt. is going to introduce "transfer on application". Based on application, they may be posted as per their choice.
The eligibility will be minimum 5 years service and there should be at least 2 years of service remaining. During the entire service life a teacher may apply once for mutual transfer and once for transfer on application.
If there is more than one application for a specific school, the Govt. has designed a point based formula to fix the priority. The point formula is as under.
Female candidates : additional 3 points.
Female with less than 10 Years old child : 8 points
Handicapped candidates : additional 3 points.
Handicapped female candidate : additional 6 points.
There is additional benefit for seniority also. Those who joined before 1.1.2006 will get extra 2 points for each completed year of service while those joined afterwards will get 1 point for each year.
The scheme is likely to be operational after the current year recruitment process is over. The proposed bill is with the law ministry as present for their nod. If everything goes right, it is to be submitted in the ongoing assembly session.
UPDATE ON 9.12.12 : Bill likely to be deferred.
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Prashanta kumar chhetri said...

It is a very intelligent step taken for school teachers since many of the teachers are suffering very much in the absence of such facilities


very good step from the government. but it wholly depends on the managing committee of both the schools. thus it is still in very uncertain position. government should abolish the interference of the managing committee to give the actual benifit to the teachers

Play Angry-Bird Game said...

nice post
thanks for sharing

Mary Roy said...

It is a very good and humanistic step frm government. Now we want to know that what is the procedure or what should a teacher do frm his/her side to get the facilities?

Amit said...

Is there any bar for taking General transfer who have already taken mutual transfer,in the present general transfer bill passed yesterday in WB legislative assembly ?

Amit said...

Is any marks allotted on distance from school to home address?

RAJA said...

very good and wise decision .we were egarly waiting for it govt. should implement it as soon as possible.

RAJA said...

It is very wise decision .thanks govt .but it should be start immedietly

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