Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UFBU to submit Charter of Demands to IBA for 10th BPS by the end of August 2012

As we are aware the present wage settlement of Bank workmen Staff /Officers  will come to an end  by 31st  October2012 and revision of wages is due from 1st November, 2012.
The process of 10th Bipartite settlement has  been  commenced and few constituents of UFBU have already  prepared Draft Charter of Demands for 10th BPS.  BEFI has released the draft recently which has been already published.

As per the  meeting of UFBU held on 6th July 2012,at Chennai,it is  decided that after the constituent unions finalise their views on the charter of demands, common approach would be taken to work out common charter of demands for employees and officers respectively and to present the same jointly to the IBA by the end of August, 2012.
News Courtesy : Mr Mohan P 


Sanjay Bhatt said...

Means they going to west 4 months of Xth BPS for early negotiation.

Parameswaran MK, Hon Lt said...

Hope UFBU will include the demand for revision of pension of retired bank pensioners in their chart of demands

sudhakar said...

UFBU is yet to make up their demands. If we take that long to make a demand how much time IBA/MF will take to look into the demands and settlement. Hopefully it will take another five years.

ADITYA said...

Very strange to note that there is no sign of charter of demand in BEFI site. UFBU has not taken initiative to place the charter of demand before the IBA/MF till now. It is evident that delay in submitting the charter of demand will result in unnecessary delay in finalisation of settlement. Thereby the IBA as well as the UFBU both will be benefited : IBA by enjoying the interest of the accumulated arrears & the unions will get more levy on arrears only at the cost of the poor members/ comrades. I strongly suggest that atleast 10% of the salary of October'12 be paid to the employees to withstand the pressure of inflation.

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