Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Proposed Bank strike deferred

UFBU defer two day's bank strike on 25th and 26th July 2012.

Further to the UFBU’s strike notice served on IBA, today on the intervention of the Government, a conciliation meeting was held by the office of the Chief Labour Commissioner.  Mr. S.K. Chand, Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner conducted the conciliation proceedings. 

Consequently IBA came forward to hold bipartite discussions with UFBU within a week on the issues and demands raised by UFBU. In view of this development, UFBU decided and agreed to temporarily postpone/defer the two days strike action on 25th/26thJuly, 2012.It has also been decided in the UFBU meeting that if IBA is not seriously coming forward to resolve our issues during the forthcoming discussions, the UFBU would revive the agitation and also give a call for strike on 22nd and 23rd August, 2012
Submitted by P.Mohan


Sanjay Bhatt said...

Very Good News for bankers.

At least I am happy.


Everybody remember my this comment When Xth BPS talks will start. IBA will put one or two conditions from matters Which will discussed in next days with UFBU and due to this UFBU will ready to accept low rise in Wage and Allwnces etc.

Its only game played by two teams i.e UFBU and IBA.

If 25-26 July strike is deffered due to pressure of UFBU then only points

1) Khandelwal committee report
2) 5 Days Week
3) Recruitment on compensat ground
4) Pension parity with Central Govt
5) Pension DA etc.

must be discussed and resolved befor 10th BPS negotiation OR discussed seperetly and resolved.

Only salary, allownces,perks and other demands from chartered of demands must be discusse in 10th BPS talks.

No other issues other then wages and service condistions must not be linked with 10th BPS talks.

REMEMBER ME.Beawere______

Rgards And Best of Luck.

Anonymous said...

You are right Sanjay.... I completely support you. I am a new joinee in banks but what i think is that if the salary does not increase much then many young officers will leave for greener pastures. Even I am contemplating it after 2-3 years working in Public sector.

Sanjay Bhatt said...

IBA call UFBU for meeting and due to this invitation strike has been deffered by UFBU.This is not due to pressure from UFBU.

Leaders should be awake and think,up to 19th july'12 IBA has not given any response.

Due to call of 2 days strike from UFBU, IBA is ready for meeting only. and leaders be happy.

Is it a good result ?
Can We take it as good pressure ?

In real means UFBU must be continue with 25-26 July strike and keep talking with IBA upto 24th,B'coz strike has deffered before 9-10 days, and make pressure on IBA to resolve problems in amicably way.If IBA not respond in good manner then go ahead with 2 days strike. But desire is must require for it.
Anybody has seen this desire ?

I am also not in favor of strike but What can We do ? IBA is understand only this type of language only.

Now I believe that If up to 31st July'12 IBA will not respond in good manner then UFBU must be call for 5 days strike from 22nd August'12. I AM READY TO JOIN FOR 5 DAYS OR INFINITE STRIKE.
otherwise IBA will always in WIN-WIN position.

***Note : amicable, amicably etc.. words generally used by leaders,So I used it.OTHERWISE GOOD AND MEANINGFUL WORD "AMICABLE" IS NOT SUIT WITH IBA.


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