Friday, June 29, 2012

Bank Strike on 25th and 26th July 2012

 Employee unions of public sector banks have decided to call a two-day nationwide strike on July 25-26 to protest reforms in the banking sector and outsourcing of jobs, United Forum of Bank Unions convener G.D. Nadaf said. “About 10 lakh employees and officers will participate in the strike,” 


Sanjay Bhatt said...

Don't join in strike,
You will definitely loos something but definitely get nothing.

I am sure. Why ? Everybody know.


Anubhav Singh said...

Sanjay Bhatt sir.....u dont join if u dont want to....but u must not discourage others, this is the time to show our unity and strength n hence we must participate !!
if 70 yrs earlier ppl of India would hav thought like u den we wud nvr hav got our Independence !!
We must fight Patiently !!

Sanjay Bhatt said...

Anubhav Ji

This is my APPEAL to All Only.

Everybody free to take own decision.

After one or two years Xth BPS will at pick point of negotiation and When such need to create pressure by call of strike then not a single union will come out to show our unity and strength with indefinite strike call.And U and everybody should be note that in 2014 LOK SABHA ELECTION will due and UFBU have a chance to make pressure with indefinite strike, but UFBU will be silent,even for 3-5 days strike.

But Please remember last 9th BPS situation first.

Brother situation was same. General Election time was there then also not a single day strike was called.

Even LIC leaders has more barging power then our leaders and It has been proved by them last time.

Blog palace is for debate and knowledge.

I am appealed only.

Please live with open eyes.

If We have only one weapon(strike) then We have to use it sharply.

Mahatma Gandhiji is our Father of Nation and I have proud for him. I am also GUJARATI.

But fact is that If 70yrs ago only Gandhi ji types leaders were there then We are definitely still fighting for freedom. There were Netaji Subhash chandra, Vir Bhagatsinh, sukhdev, Azad etc.... etc... also.

In mass or crowd Who has extra is LEADER. If everybody is same then What? If leader has some extra then he must have to prove.
And We have seen our leaders collective bargaining power last time.
Brother Banking Industries is backbone of country then also We get less then other. Why ?

Why strike after 26 months after 9th BPS with compensate ground,Khandelwal committee, 5 days week etc. points. Why meanings of above issues increase now only ?

Its only game to divert our mind set from 10th BPS to other only.
Unions even not submitting chartered demands before six months of due date, b'coz they don't want to early settlement for levy.

I may be wrong.

I cleared my point only. Don't take it other way.

I also honor your feelings.



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