Saturday, February 27, 2010

AICTE Pay : Gazette Notification is likely on 5th March 2010.

 View the Gazette Notification.
A delegation including Mr. K S. Shivaramu(President AGOTE) were able to meet Prof S S Mantha (Acting Chairman AICTE) today ie 23rd Feb ‘2010 at 11:10 am. Brief and relevant details of the meeting are reproduced as under:
1) The Chairman expressed his dissatisfaction about the type and number of anamolies being raised at various levels and by various associations/persons. This he said, shall only delay the notification process . In a veiled manner , we were also made to understand that genuine anamolies can also be raised after the publication of the Gazette notification and that the process of notification should be allowed to continue.
2) We requested him to rectify certain gross anamolies like the AGP of Rs.5000/- may be raised to at least Rs.5400/- . It was pointed that even the FI gets an AGP more than Rs.5000/- as proposed in the draft regulation. The Chairman gave a very serious consideration to this submission and MAY be(MAY BE) he would accept this request. However, we cannot categorically commit the same.
3) The Chairman was requested to give thought to the request that the new rules and conditions should not be applicable to the people who joined on or before 1.1.2006 . He said he would not be able to comment on this request immediately4) The Chairman was requested to release the final Gazette notification at the earliest as any further delay would deprive us of the opportunity to get 40% of the arrears in the current financial year. The Chairman said that as per the present regulations, all AICTE notifications are to be vetted by the AICTE Executive Council. Infact he had already sent the notification for publication but had to withdraw because of the same was not vetted by the AICTE EC. He further disclosed that the AICTE EC is scheduled for the 26th Feb’2010 wherein the entire recommendations shall be discussed and finalized. Immediately after the EC meeting he shall ensure that the firm and final regulation is sent to ‘The Department of Publication , Govt of India’ for publication in the Gazette of India. To expedite the process of publication in the Gazette , the notification shall be published through the GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. ( The Gazette of India is a weekly/bi-weekly publication. However, if there is an emergent situation, then the notification is published in 2/3 days time, and such an issue, is termed as the GAZETTE EXTRAORDINAY). He is positively hopeful that the regulations shall be notified in the Gazette by the 5th of March 2010. ( Note that Feb has only 28 days and Holi falls on 1st March 2010). 5) As a gesture of gratitide, the Chairman was given a ‘Thanks’ card . The meeting ended on a very cordial note.


hemant said...

As we all know currently many of the institute follow three tier structure
Asst. Prof
As per new post it should be converted to
Asst. Prof
Associate Prof.
and the pay scale should be as per designation.

MBA.Student said...

This Gazette Notification talks only about Diploma College Teachers. Please let me know when it will be published for Degree College Teachers.

MBA.Student said...

This Gazette Notification talks only about Diploma College Teachers. Please let me know when it will be published for Degree College Teachers.

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