Sunday, October 2, 2016

Minimum wage and multiplication factor : Unions started "Strike" drama again

It has been crystal clear that Govt. is not at all considering enhancement of multiplication factor or minimum wages, the existence of the national leaders of union is surely at stake. Employees with lowest increase in the pay commission effect ever were in the mood of agitation and spontaneously welcomed the decision of indefinite strike. But they watched with disbelief that their own leaders were much more active to withdraw the strike than the Govt. Leaders claimed that Govt. assured them to form a high level committee to consider their demands but later on the FM categorically denied any such possibility. Employees have no trust upon their leaders and they hardly believe any such commitment was actually made by Govt.
To regain faith or keep their office of profit intact, the leaders once again started the hype of agitation, details of which is given below.
Demonstration at all centres/all office gates and forwarding of resolutions adopted on charter of demands to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India (2) Hon’ble Home Minister (3) Hon’ble Finance Minister and all Departmental heads.

Mass dharna at all state capitals/important centres.

Massive Parliament March of not less than 20000 Central Government employees.

Date will be decided in consultation with other organisations." 
Let us see how the employees react this time !


Anonymous said...

This time,the employees will not fall in the trap of Shivgopal Mishra.By withdrawing the strike last time,he mercilessly betrayed the employees.It is crystal clear that these leaders are very sure about the failure of a strike,if again declared.Then,they can withdraw the strike once again citing ridiculous reasons.If we say truth,these leaders call us enemies of the working class.They will never answer to what we ask.Dear friends,work for our Nation and never trust these leaders.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why such a good principle called communism failed.Globalisation advocates know this N believe in intelligent men's selfishness.

Anonymous said...

What is the stand of Shivgopal Mishra?The previous proposed strike was not withdrawn by the Confederation or any other organisation,It was withdrawn by the NJCA.It was explained at that time that each organization could not proceed with its own decision.If it is so,then how can an organisation or other announce a strike now?,It should be the NJCA that to announce the strike again.Any other unilateral decision is not sincere but a move to save the face.

Anonymous said...

Yes.NJCA should clarify its stand and explain what follow up actions it has made in connection with the "assurances" regarding the formation of a "High power committee".

Retired Central Government Pensioner said...

A Clear view from pensioners : Wise people may not invite troubles by increasing family problems.The better way is to take shelter under the !!! Appointing Authorities!!!...With festival Greetings...

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