Sunday, February 7, 2016

Government to address armed forces' concerns over Pay Commission : Defence Minister

The government has studied representations from the armed forces vis-a-vis the 7th Pay Commission and their concerns will be addressed “in the near future”, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Sunday.

“I have interacted with the three service chiefs and discussed the concerns of the forces. The concerns will be addressed in the near future,” he said on the sidelines of an International Maritime Conference here(Vishakhapatnam).

The concerns include the way in which pensions were calculated on the basis of number of years put in at a particular rank.
Another grudge is the risk-hardship matrix. While a soldier posted in the Siachen glacier gets Rs.31,500 as allowance per month, a civilian bureaucrat draws 30 percent of his salary as “hardship allowance”.

About the One Rank One Pension (OROP) issue, he said concerns of ex-servicemen will be addressed by a one-member judicial committee headed by L. Narasimha Reddy, a retired chief justice of the Patna High Court.

Parrika said the Narendra Modi government had fulfilled its promise on the OROP which had been implemented after 43 years.

“As promised by the BJP, we have already issued a table of various pensions as per the OROP scheme.

“The community of retired servicemen is large; one formula cannot solve all issues. Any contentious issues will be referred to the one-man committee,” Parrikar said.

As for the protesting ex-servicemen’s stand on approaching the court on the OROP issue, the minister said: “Fundamentally, every person has the right to approach a court.

“To the best of our understanding of the issues, we have fulfilled our promise.”

He said the expenditure on OROP of Rs.7,500 crore each year was much larger that what the previous government had allocated for the scheme. The arears total Rs.10,900 crore.

The previous Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government had allocated Rs.500 crore for the OROP.


Ranbir Lamba said...

OROP Tables have been issued by the Government on 03 Feb 2016

1. A simple definition of orop .which has 3 -S (Same Rank .Same length & same pension )
This simple definition has Not been under stood by high stressed Babu’s & our netas have been taken on ride alonwith veterans
2. Tables are correct up to same rank level only .
3. But on tangent for same length & same pension elements
4. Tables are far away from realities for same length & same pension
5. Orop was to be implemented from 1/4/2014 as per earlier government declaration
6. But babu’s shifted to 1/7/2014.
7. Why so
a) government will save arrears of April May & June.2014
B)The increments falls in July so government will save one increment of 3% of July 2014.
C)Accordingly arrears will be saved due to non implementation of 3% increase.
d) veterans will get only one increase only in 1/7/2015 to 31/12/2015.. (Just 6 months)
7.Now coming to mid way selection of Orop & not highest orop
There are 2 halves in a year & so are 2 halves of pension.( in second half is 3% increase)
The government choose lower half so that higher half pension benefits are not passed on to pensioners
Next Babu’s devised another way of mid way of pension.
Say a Col gets 7 years & its half is 3.5 which is only given & another half 3.5 goes to government
8 The ORop in 7th CPC is for each year than why government is struck every 5 years.( no logic at all)
9.On one side Government pumps lacs of crores of rupees to reduce NPA of banks
Which is due to non performance. Instead of punishing them they are given relief & easy let out.
10 will any economist tell me with this that with peanut of saving from Pensioners can any government run better.

Now coming to 7th CPC

The simple formula given is
A)last pension drawn * 2.57= say X
B) next cell in matrix = Say Y
C( number of increments drawn in last rank= Z
Will be the pensioner pension.

Seeing matrix it is made on 6th CPC basis & not
On Orop basis last drawn pension

This is the main reason Forces have come down even from cop

Neither NFU nor OROP for forces.

Only way is SC .. Else we will be biggest looser
Now or Never JM has been totally set aside by babus

Col lamba ( one man army )

S.Lakshman Rao said...

Well orders of implementation is already clear about the schedule of payment incorporated respecting the families.In that context,we assume that there will be no issues...Relevant to O.R.O.P.

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