Saturday, November 21, 2015

Unhappy with low hike , central employees on agitation

JCM Staff Side (NJCA) calls upon all Central Government Employees to observer“BLACK DAY” by holding massive demonstration, wearing black badges, all over the country on 27th November 2015 to protest against the retrograde recommendations of the 7th CPC.
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National Joint Council of Action stated anguish over the report regarding fixation of minimum pay, reduction of house rent allowance, no modification in current MACP scheme, nothing beneficial for NPS subscribers and overall low hike of pay. The association threatens for intense agitation if the pay proposal is not rectified through bilateral negotiation before implementation .


Anonymous said...

Level 6 to 9 multiplication will be 2.62 instead 2.57 and further there will be multiplication of 2.57 not for all cases...In this way initial pay and subsequent pay matrix has been designed. What I c in site and a calculator provided there is the right one

Anonymous said...

The compression ratio of minimum and maximum salary during IV,V,VI CPC was as given below:-
IV CPC - Min. 750 Max. 8000 - Ratio 1.10.7
V CPC " 2550 " 26000 " 1.10.2
VI CPC " 7000 " 80000 " 1.11.43 whereas during VII CPC the ratio has been raised to 1.12.5 which is uncalled for and not reasonable. The compression ratio is required to be reduced to 1.11 or to be pegged at the previous level of 1.11.43. This pay commission has shown inclination to favour officers of higher echelon and not the lower ranked employees.

Though a separate pay matrix has been drawn out for defence personnel, but it seems that the armed forces have been given a raw deal by not giving the same level of multiple factors for officers who are in pay level of 12A, 13 and 13A. This will change the status and pay scale of officers of armed forces. Coast Guard officers will gain from this type of pay matrix. The armed forces have been getting a raw deal from IV CPC onwards. The status of Major was reduced during IV CPC. Similarly the status of Lt.Col was tinkered with during V CPC and Col. was treated shabbily during VI CPC. Now the present pay commission gave a multiple factor of 2.57 to a Brigadier while the civilian counter part was given 2.67 multiple factor.

The armed forces had made big hue and cry for OROP and the 7 CPC gave the recommendation for making it equally applicable for one and all...... Good progress....

Anonymous said...

Ranson Gomez sir you are happy...keep smiling....

Unknown said...

That idiot has acted in synchronous with govt direction ..betrayed employees.

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