Thursday, November 26, 2015

Central employees to observe BLACK DAY against 7th CPC tomorrow

Central Govt. employees including Railway, Civilian Defence and all affiliate units of JCM Staff Side (NJCA)  to hold massive demonstrations, bearing black badges, on 27th November, 2015, against the following retrograde recommendations of the VII CPC.
  • Against the demand of the Staff Side, National Council(JCM) 
  • for Minimum Wage Rs.26,000, the VII CPC has recommended Rs.18,000, thereby widening the gap between Minimum and Maximum Wage as 1:13.8 while our demand was to keep this ratio not more 1:8.
  • The present rate of HRA, i.e. 30%, 20% and 10% has been reduced to 24%, 16% and 8% respectively.
  • The number of interest-free advance, like Festival Advance, etc. have been recommended to be stopped.
  • Instead of removing the existing anomalies in the MACPS, the Pay Commission has introduced examination for granting MACP benefit.
  • The Pay Commission has also refused to make any recommendation against the NPS.
  • In case of Child Care Leave for women employees, leave wage shall be reduced to 80% for second spell of 365 days CCL.


Harwinder Joshi said...

INJUSTICES towards JCOs, ORs in 7th CPC
1. Once again pay commission has recommended inequal MSP. JCOs, ORs 5200, MNS(for NO risk at all) 10800 and Commissioned Officer-15500. My finger is healing here. My Heart is trembling after seeing this injustices towards JCO, ORs. India know MSP is paid for risks faced by our Fauji. India know/see that maximum risks are faced by Jawan, JCOs. So Jawan, JCO's martyr rate is much more than commissioned officer. One can easily understand it by seeing all martyrdom which took place in last 6 month or say last One year. Hence, Jawan/JCOs must be paid more MSP. But pay commission has not understood this open fact. Services HQs are also guilty for demanding MSP on percentage basis of basic pay. So now very bad result has come. Now we have to first contact GOI to rectify this MSP issue and if govt will fail to equalise MSP then a PIL will be filled in Hon'ble Courts.
2 once again Militiary Diploma holders are cheated by pay commission. It has not recommended all militiary diploma holders pay and GP at par civil diploma holders.
3 IAF backbobe Sergeants, army Havildar and navy's PO has been not recommended in higher scales(pay band2). So a jawan will enroll in pay band 1 And after rendering colourful services of 20,17,15 years , surprisingly they will continue to retire in pay band 1 Only. We know that in civil an pay band 1 Employee get promotion to pay band 2 within 5 years only.
I request you all don't leave this injustices this time. Tight your belt to fight against these injustices towatds JCOs, ORs. First contact GOI for rectification and theb Be ready to file a PIL in hon'ble courts.
jai hind

S.Lakshman Rao said...

Variation is 2.81% (-)2.57% = 0.24 percent.A point which can be reexamined by the implementation committee,since the reasonable benefits are after a long gap of ten waiting years...This will bring uniformity all round...

Unknown said...

Implimentation cell shall remove the existing anomaly and corrct the existing AGP BEFORE 7 CPC IMPLIMENTATION to fix at proper level

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