Saturday, April 10, 2010

Talks with Workmen Union by IBA on 7th and 8th April

Another round of wage negotiations between IBA and workmen’s unions has been held on 7th and 8th April, preceded by a meeting of the unions with Dr Khandelwal Committee, on Human Resource matters in Public
During the course of 2 days’ discussion on wage related matters the followings items were finalized : 
HRA – Where quarters are provided recovery of rent will be 0.50% of first stage of scale of pay.
LFC - One more option to change block of years. For encashment, employee to be on leave for, at least, 1(one) day.
Travel by own car with permission of the bank.
Special Area Allowance - In line with Government of India Notification.
FPP -         Area I        Area II     Area III      Area IV
Clerk        Rs.940/-   Rs.930/-  Rs.920/-    Rs.915/-
Sub Staff  Rs.470/-   Rs.465/-   Rs.460/-   Rs.460/-
At places where accommodation is provided by the bank : Rs 860 for clerks and Rs 430 for sub. staff and increment component in all cases Rs.800/- for clerk and Rs.400/- for sub staff.
Halting Allowance - Area I & II Area III Area IV
Clerk Rs 500/- per diem Rs 375/-per diem Rs. 300/- per diem
Sub. Staff Rs 375/- per diem Rs 250/- per diem Rs. 185/- per diem
PQP/Graduation Pay – Rs.250/- after 1 yr, Rs.490/- after 2 yrs., Rs.740/- after 3 yrs., Rs.990/- after 4 yrs.,
Rs.1230/- after 5 yrs, all per month.
Implementation - Items Date of effect
Scale of pay, Stagnation increment, DA, 1st November 2007
PQP,FPP,HRA,Transport,Medical Aid, Allowances under the Heads : Special Area , Hill & Fuel, Washing, Split Duty, Cycle, Project Area; PF & Gratuity .
Part Time Employees - Upto 3 hrs - Rs 1030/- 1st November 2007
Upto 6 hrs – Rs 144o/-
Elevation to 1/3rd Scale Wage 1st May 2010
Halting Allowance 1st May 2010
LFC, Hospitalisation, Leave or Hysterectomy,Road Date of settlement Milage, Family Defination.
Discussion was also held for improvement of Hospitalisation Scheme but is yet to be finalised. On outsourcing and Duty of
Special Pay carrying posts, proposal of IBA have been opposed and no conclusion could be reached.
Next round of talks will be held on 13th April.

Source : BEFI. 
Submitted by : P. Mohan.


sudhakar said...

what about officers. Are they leftout

H.R. Dhiman said...

Bank Officers are officers for name only. In fact they are not more than "Bounded Laboureres" living at the mercy of IBA & GOI.

shilpi said...

come out

Advait said...

Is it correct that some percentage of arrears of all employees will go Pension Fund. Rumers are going on.

Advait said...

When all officers upto scale 3 were awarded by extending 2 additional stagnation increments, why not at least one stagnation increments for scale 4. This we found as major anomaly in this settlement.

Most of the officers of Scale-4 are drawing basic pay of Rs 24120 since last 6-7 years. Now as per 9th wage revision their basic will be Rs 36200 and there will be no further increase till the promotion.

We expect unions to raise the issue and do justice for us before celebrating the signature ceremony on 15th april 2010.

Vasu said...

Any news about the meeting held on 9th and 10th April ? vasudevan

SHANKAR said...

Refer Advait-April 11, 2010 6:43 AM
In the MOU dated 27/11/2009 it is agreed by UFBU that the burden of 30 % load to be collected out of arrears payable to existing staff.
Hence it is already a settled matter.

Sanjay Bhatt said...

Don't pay LEVY.

We can do at least this for better 10th settlement.

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