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AIFUCTO President Prof. Thomas Joseph and General Secretary Prof. Asok Barman have welcomed the issue of the pay revision fitment table by MHRD,Govt. of India and expressed their strong reservations against the provision of the fitment table which is at variance with the notification of MHRD dated 31-12-2008. The fitment table order has denied one bunching benefit to all teachers in selection grade/reader designation. AIFUCTO has demanded that the anomaly be corrected immediately, failing which AIFUCTO will be compelled to respond by direct action.

AIFUCTO also demanded that all state governments immediately implement the new pay scales in accordance with the MHRD notification dated 31-12-2008. The leaders pointed out that the scales have already been implemented in central universities and that state level implementation is already long overdue .AIFUCTO warned that the teachers would resort to agitational action if there is any further delay in the implementation of scales in the states.

The National Executive Committee of AIFUCTO which is scheduled to meet at Shillong on 6.6.2009[?] will review the status of implementation and decide on the appropriate form of action to be resorted to at the central and state levels for the rectification of anomalies and implementation of the scales.

Source : AIFUCTO Website.


purehit said...

Please ensure No more Burden on us further.(A) Increase in no. of Students per class.
(B) Increase in Work load for Assessment, attendance etc.
(C) Incresing Age.
(D) Increase in politicising by introducing committees.
(E) If the totoal service is more than 15 years , however after a break, he should ot face any committee.
(F) Those already in service at present or joined before 2ooo, should be directly promoted to ASSOCIATESHIP.

purehit said...

There all of us joined the service on the same date, some of us could finish the P.hd. before 2008, some did it in 2009, as a result who got in 12000 will now get promoted automatically eveif they are juniors age wise,Why should those suffer at the unnecessary hanging delays of the coommiittes etc?
IN short, those who got to the senior Scale Before 2005-06 and those who joined P.HD. before the end of 2006 should be free to enter into Associateship.

purehit said...

Those who are doing their P.hd. ,for them it's a job on hand. If they finish P.hd. they should automatically be promoted to Associateship.

Those who ge to the 12000 during 2009,but before the acceptance of the guidelines by the state should be promoted to the next Grade (associate professor) as ad when they complete their in service period.

The declaration by the concerned state should be the date by which the teacher has to complete the 12000 mark in pay scale

What if?

I have already made a service more than 18 Years?

1. 6 years.
2. about 2 years (part time at wo colleges)
3. Now continuously in service forthe last 11 years.

sundarrajan ganesan said...

as per the pay commission announcement, associate professorship has been announced for lecturers in their 12/13/14th year of service instead of the usual 9/10/11 year of service.
as the result, there is a great wage disparity among colleagues which AIFUCTO and the govt. should set right. the presentmonthly pay difference between a 1996-joined lecturer and a 1998-joined lecturer in tamil nadu colleges is rs.20,000 and the yearly difference is about rs.2.50 lakhs. (friends, you are free to verify it) to rub salt in the wound,lecturers in their 9/10/11 years have been asked to continue in this state for another 3 years!
this is sheer injustice which must be set right immediately. lecturers in their 9/10/11 years of service should be made (as it was usual till the notorious VI Pay commission announcement)as associate professors. AIFUCTO should not relent ; Government is requested to be humane in this respect.

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