Saturday, May 1, 2010

Model Recruitment Rules for Group 'C' posts in Pay Band-I, with Grade Pay of Rs.1800/- (pre-revised Group 'D' posts)

No.AB-140171612009-Estl (RR)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances 8 Pensions
Department of Personnel 8 Training
New Delhi, dated the 301h April 2010
Subject:- Model Recruitment Rules for Group 'C' posts in Pay
Band-I, with Grade Pay of Rs.1800/- (pre-revised Group
'D' posts)

The 6th CPC recommended that all Group 'D' posts in the
Government will stand upgraded to Group 'C', Pay Band-I with Grade Pay
of Rs.1800, along with the incumbents (after suitable training , wherever required). The other recommendations of the Commission, in this regard
(i) There will be no further recruitment in Group 'D'.
(ii) The existing Group 'D' posts will be placed in Group
'C' Pay Band-I with Grade Pay of Rs.1800.
(iii) The minimum qualification for appointment to this
level will be either loth pass or IT1 equivalent
(iv) Multi- skilling, with one employee performing jobs
hitherto performed by different Group 'D'
(v) Common Designation for these posts,
2. Model Recruitment Rules (Annex-I) have been framed keeping in
view the recommendations of the Pay Commission. All the Ministriesl
Departments are requested to amend the Recruitment Rules for the
erstwhile Group' D' posts as per the Model RRs and the recommendations
of the Pay Commission.
3. Powers for framing1 amendment of RRs for Group 'C' posts have ,
already been delegated to Ministriesl Departments. Therefore the RRs
may be framed accordingly, in consultation with Ministry of Law without
further reference to this Department. This Department needs to be
consulted only if any deviations from the model RRs are proposed.
4. Ministries1 Departments may adopt the designation of MULTITASKING
STAFF for some common categories of posts in the secretariat
offices. Annex-ll indicates the categories of erstwhile Group 'D' posts
which may be given this designation and illustrative list of duties attached
to these posts. For other categories of posts, Ministries1 Departments may
adopt single designation for posts whose duties are similar in nature and
where the officials can easily be switched from one task to another. In all
cases it may be ensured that:
a) The posts are classified as Group 'C'
b) The posts are placed in Pay Band-I with Grade Pay
of Rs.1800.
c) The minimum qualification for appointment is
prescribed as loth passs. Where technical
qualifications are considered necessary, IT1 in the
relevant subject may be prescribed as the minimum
5. Ministry of Home affairs etc. are requested to bring the contents of
this 0.M to the notice of all their Attached1 Subordinate Offices. The
autonomous1 statutory bodies may adopt the same with the approval of
the competent authority as per their rules1 statutes.
6. Hindi version follows.
Deputy Secretary

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