Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cabinet did not discuss Central employees' allowances

Disappointment least up to next cabinet meeting
The waiting for Central government employees, who are hoping for higher HRA and other allowances, could get a tad longer since the Union Cabinet did not take up the matter for discussion on Wednesday.
The proposals on allowances made by the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) given last year were referred to an expert committee headed by finance secretary Ashok Lavasa who submitted his report in April. The panel had suggested modifications, which were then referred to an Empowered Committee of Secretaries (E-CoS) for final approval by the Union Cabinet.


Raj Kumar said...

Useless Modi Government

Anonymous said...

Is there any end of waiting?

umesh saini said...

Shame shame again
Government employees only puppet for government
They never considered their problems seriously ever


the present Government does not care for central Government employees and is anti govt servants. It has been postponing the issue on one pretext or other delaying the implementation of 7 CPC fully. We may get this only in 2019 if it suits our FM.

Anonymous said...

Govt has no money for employees. All money expended for useless foreign trips of the ministers

Anonymous said...

Throw out the spineless,useless leaders.Never give any donation to them.Dont take part in any strike drama.How could retired persons sincerely work as leaders?Totally useless!!!!!!!

Hard writer said...

2 किलो नीम के पत्ते लें |
इन्हें साफ करके एक बर्तन में रख दें।
एक लीटर साफ पानी, एक किलो काला नमक, २ किलो सरसो का तेल, एक किलो पिसी लाल मिर्च एक भगोंने में लें और नीम के पत्ते उसमें डाल कर अच्छी तरह गर्म करें ।
फिर इसमें 1 दाना इलायची, थोड़ा सा पौदीना, थोड़ी सी दालचीनी, आधा किलो काली मिर्च और २०० दाने लोंग के डालें । और उबालें ၊
जब पानी आधा रह जाए तब पानी को उतार कर छान लें।
ठंडा होने पर ये एक ग्लास पानी लेकर कुल्ली करें और 2 घूंट पी जाएं
इससे खोपड़ी का वो कीड़ा मर जाएगा , जो अभी भी सोचता है कि इस महिने अरियर & 7वा वैतन आयेगा....😜😜😜😜

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