Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Govt. may offer a better deal to Central Employees

After submission of much waited 7th CPC report, Central employees have mixed reaction regarding actual pay hike. Most of the employees and pensioners expected a better deal. The Commission did not make any substantial hike in Basic Pay. Taking into existing D.A. in consideration, the hike is little.  Still the employees may get an average 23% hike with the increased House Rent Allowances though the rate has been reduced to 24,16 and 8 percent respectively. The Transport Allowances remains unchanged with only merger of D.A. Those who live in quarters are deprived of HRA and thus will benefit a little only.

Protests are being raised from all quarters of employees and it is most likely that Govt. will fine tune the recommendations to make it more staff friendly.
As per sources, the minimum pay suggested , Rs 18,000 may be hiked to 20,000. Percentage of HRA may remain unchanged as 30,20 and 10 percent as present. The recommendations regarding abolition of advances and allowances may be NOT adhered to. But the most important decision will be regarding the common fitment factor of 2.57. Will it be hiked ? That is the most important issue to be looked into.


Anonymous said...

Hope for the best

CWE NFR said...

the fitment factor must be raised to 3

Unknown said...

You are correct. FF must be 3 padmanabhan v

Anonymous said...

govt should keep in mind about inflation factor.. due to which everything has become costly..

wish govt will hike salary in a better way so that everyone should feel happy and thanks..

Anonymous said...

yes FF must be at least 3

Anonymous said...

If the minimum pay is hiked to Rs. 20,000, there is a chance of increasing the common fitment factor to 2.85.

Hari said...

Fitment may go up, IF AT ALL IT DOES, to max 2.62 - 2.65,considering an increase of 17% instead of 14.29% now

Anonymous said...

Some blogs raised hopes of Cent Govt Employees by predicting an increase of 30-40% raise in line with 6th CPC. But after the submission of 7th CPC report those hopes were shattered. Now they are stating that Govt will decide to improve the fitment. But these are at best false hopes. There is no clear indication from the Govt. It appears that there will not be much improvement over 7th CPC fitment. The Govt may give some small dose of relief. However the main points on which the 7th CPC recommendations need improvement are as below:

1. Lowering of HRA from 30% to 24%

2. The fitment is on lower side i.e 2.57%. Which needs to be enhanced to at least

3. Over and above the normal increment, there should be additional increment on the
basis of exceptional performance.

Anonymous said...

Chairman and member are blind. They can not see the situation of cost. Not granting of mssp for coast guard is bad. Personnel of coast guard life is always in danger. Mssp should be granted.

sudhakaran kuttipuzha said...

FF is going to be 2.86 if govt hike minimum salary to 20000/

Mukesh Mittal said...

Yes fitment factor should be minimum 3 and HRA should not be reduced and should be same as before 30,20,10% and NPA given to doctors shouldn't be reduced from present 25% to 20%. It should be 25% as before and should be counted for all the purpose like HRA, CTG , DA as before.

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