Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Proposed Bank strike of 7th January'15 deferred.

Outcome of today's(6th Jan) negotiations between IBA  and Bank Unions(UFBU)
 IBA improved the offer to 12.5% today. Talk will continue tomorrow.
 Proposed Bank strike of 7th January'15 deferred.
News Courtesy : Mr Mohan P 

All India Bank Employees Association General Secretary C H Venkatachalam said negotiations would continue tomorrow as the unions have not agreed to the improved offer.

"We will continue to negotiate for further improvement in the wage revision with the IBA," Venkatachalam said.

The wage revision of public sector bank employees has been due since November 2012.

"We have scaled down our demand from 25 percent to 23 percent (wage hike) and further to 19.5 percent. We want a respectable hike in line with inflationary pressure," Ashwini Rana, General Secretary of National Organisation of Bank Workers, said.


Anonymous said...

Baba jee ka thullu mila sabse budhu banker hi hai banker ko union chor dena chaiye

Anonymous said...

Either union people are fool or they are befooling fellow Bankers. Why did they call off the strike if they accept that 12.5% is not respectable increase?

Anonymous said...

Bank Union is good for nothing. They all should wear bangles. If they can't hold their commitment to hold a SINGLE DAY STRIKE then everyone can understand the future of other 2 strikes scheduled on 22 Jan & FAKE INDEFINITE STRIKE IN MARCH..HAHAHHHHAHAHAAHAH.

Anonymous said...

Shame...shame...shame...UFBU leaders.
Chullu bhar pani mein dub maro.

Anonymous said...

yehi karna tha to itne sare strike kyo karbaye.

23% pe ade raho nahi to indefinite strike pe jao

Anonymous said...

Please ignore the forum and ask for Govt Pay commission scales.

Anonymous said...

Please strike a deal for updation of pension of retired bank employees this time. This is a long outstanding issue.

Anonymous said...

last time in the 9th bipat mee bolatha ki ise achha settlemtnt na kabhi hua tha na kabhi hoga. they stand their word frnds

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about those under NPS but still want updation of pension.

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