Thursday, March 28, 2013

Central Excise Officers/Inspectors withdraw agitation

The call for non attending office for three days from 29th to 31st March 2013 stands withdrawn.
Following is the details taken from the association website :

"Following meetings of Associations representing Inspectors and Superintendents held with the CBEC  Chairperson, Member(P&V), DGHRD and ADG(HRM) today, and letter issued by the Member(P&V) to this Association requesting for calling of the Agitation, the AICEIA, in consultation with the AIACEGEO, has decided to  withdraw the call to its members not to attend office on  29th, 30th and 31st March'13. It has been assured by the CBEC at the highest level that all issues being repeatedly agitated before them are receiving serious attention  and all efforts being made to address our grievances. To begin with, a meeting of the AICEIA office bearers has been  scheduled with the DGHRD, CBEC  on 04.04.13 to devise modalities to do away with regional disparities in promotions of Inspectors to Superintendents of Central Excise. It has also been informed by the CBEC that the Cadre Restructuring proposals have been cleared by the Revenue Secretary and the same  is presently awaiting approval of the Finance Minister, which is expected to come shortly. 

The AICEIA was represented in today's meetings by the President, Secretary General and Organising Secretary.  

All Circle and Branch Secretaries are requested to inform Chief Commissioners / Commissioners accordingly, and inform all memers of the latest developments.

AICEIA congratulates the Inspectors across the country and all office bearers who tirelessly mobilised support for this movement which alone has resulted in the issues concerning our cadre being addressed with the current urgency shown by  the  Board. Please do keep up the morale and this spirit to agitate with even more intensity if our just demands are not met very soon, and assurances given to us  not fulfilled."

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Dixitkumar said...

Dear all
We have again proved it right! We are merely giving GIDHAD BHAPKI.
Who is the so called HIGHEST LEVEL Authority who has assured our leaders that all is well and all will be done. This crap is being handed over to us since many years. Is there any specific name of the highest level officer with whom these leaders have had a meeting? It is a general assurance which you will find given many times during last many years, they copied the same and pasted. No official from CBEC was named in this message posted by the association to make it a bit authenticate.

Simply put we have reduced to a stage where we BARK "TIGER" "TIGER" and then what comes out is "miyaw"

God help us!

Will the association care to post exact details ???

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