Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Central Govt employees can travel first class in Air from April 1,2010.

With signs of economic revival becoming more pronounced, the government has relaxed the austerity drive undertaken last year and from April 1, government employees will be allowed to fly first class.

"The matter has been reviewed and it has been decided that with effect from April 1, 2010, travel on government account by air, both domestic and international may take place by the entitled class," an official statement said.

Last September, in the midst of the global financial crisis, the government had directed its employees not to fly first class on government account, irrespective of their entitlement, and fly economy for all domestic travels.

However, the government has not relaxed the austerity directive in case of Leave Travel Concession (LTC).

Source : PTI


C N Venugopalan said...
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C N Venugopalan said...

New Indian Express Kochi Edition 3rd May, 2010

New Indian Express,


Bank Wage Pact

The Historic Wage Pact for Bank employees with the highest ever pay hike of 17.5 percent for the industry along with fresh chance for Option for Pension to those who could not join the scheme is signed to the credit of the Unions. The six days working bank men got this much hike when the government granted its five days working people an increase of 40 percent. Queer banking equations for payment of Pension envisaging sacrifice of Pension from date of retirement to the date of the MOU and a levy of 56 percent of the CPF and interest on it for the already retired, payment of 2.8 times of pay for those now in service who take fresh option are evolved albeit the fact that pension is paid to all on the premises of one and the same Pension Regulations. A new chapter of discrimination and violation of the provisions of the Indian Constitution which mandates equality of identical lot is contemplated by IBA and Bank Unions. The date of commencement of pension is determined by IBA and the Finance Minister who has taken oath of office to treat all citizens alike. The sell out of the right and the subsequent partial surrender by agreeing to the levies and sacrifices are not authentic. Unions traversed through the dotted line of IBA signing the pact on 27th April, 2010 and claim accolade for the bad show

C N Venugopalan, Kochi

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